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what is a network security key

what is a network security key插图

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Wi-Fi password

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  • What is a network security Key (WiFi)?

  • What is a Network Security Key. The network security key is better known as the Wifi or Wireless network password. This is the password that you use to connect to a wireless network. Each access point or router comes with a preset network security key that you can change in the settings page of the device.

  • What is a security key?

  • The security key is generally used with routers and modems, where for each network SSID is a unique and different type of security key named as WPA or WPA2 key or passphrase, which depends upon the maker of the network device.

  • What is a network security Key (SSK)?

  • A Network Security Key is a password or digital signature that is entered as an authorization to gain access to a wireless network. It allows you to establish a secure connection between the user requesting for access and the network.

  • How to find the network security key on a router?

  • The network security key on router is mostly labeled on the hardware. It is marked as the 鈥渟ecurity key鈥? WPA key鈥?鈥漌EP key鈥?or 鈥減assphrase.鈥?You can also get this from the manual which comes with the router when you purchase it. If you are using a new router or access point at that time, the default wireless network key.

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