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is your social security number on your passport

is your social security number on your passport插图

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Is your social security number on your passport is a valid question. However, the answer isno!You can鈥檛 find such a piece of valuable information on your passport. SSN is an identification number that one needs to guide jealously.

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  • Is my Ssn on my passport or my Social Security number?

  • So, ensure you have your passport number and not the SSN on your passport. However, you have several means to access your social security number. The first place to look for your social security number is your SSN card. It鈥檚 a small-sized card that carries your name, signature, and security number.

  • Do you need a Social Security number to renew a passport?

  • You must provide your US Social Security number, if you have one, in order to apply for or renew a US passport. However, US citizens who never had a Social Security number, when applying for a US passport, must provide a sworn statement stating that they were never issued a US Social Security number.

  • Why do I need a Social Security Number (SSN)?

  • In addition to passport application or renewal, SSN is used by the government to track one鈥檚 lifetime earnings, including the years you may have worked. Whenever you retire, the government will use the information regarding your contribution to social security for calculation involving your benefit payment.

  • Do I need to show my Social Security card everywhere?

  • You are not required to show your Social Security card everywhere and you must not carry the card with you. Initially you will need the SSN to work in the U.S., open a bank account, and obtain benefits from U.S. agencies. Since it is a unique number consider as your own ‘tracking number’.

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