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how to secure a laptop computer

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How can one keep his laptop secure?

Simple:Keep WIFI and Bluetooth off.Do not connect to the internet.Do not connect a network cable to the PC.Do you use external drivesDo not allow anyone else to use it.Use a complex hard to guess password with at least 128 characters.Encrypt the hard drive and memorize the password.More items…

How to secure your PC in 10 Easy Steps?

Method 1 Method 1 of 10: Creating a Strong Password Download ArticleAvoid using obvious words and character combinations. Securing a PC begins with a good password. …Create a unique password that’s only for your Windows 10 PC. Once you’ve created a secure password,it can be tempting to use it across multiple platforms.Use a password manager like LastPass and 1Password. …Change your passwords regularly. …More items…

How to keep laptop safe at home?

Your work computer is only for your work. …Set aside a private space in your home (preferably a room where you can close the door) where you can view and work with sensitive information. …Lock your work computer with a strong password when not in use.If possible,lock your laptop in a drawer,closet,or cabinet when not in use. …

How do I know my laptop is secure?

Use secure portal to share health information instead of emailCheck-list to determine if your computer is secureSecurity awareness training

How to protect your computer from a virus?

Tips to protect your computer 1 Use a firewall#N#Windows 10 and Windows 8 have a firewall already built in and automatically turned on. 2 Keep all software up to date#N#Make sure to turn on automatic updates in Windows Update to keep Windows, Microsoft Office, and other Microsoft applications up to date. Turn on automatic updates for non-Microsoft software as well, especially browsers, Adobe Acrobat Reader, and other apps you regularly use. 3 Use antivirus software and keep it current#N#If you run Windows 10 or Windows 8, you have Windows Security or Windows Defender Security Center already installed on your device. 4 Make sure your passwords are well-chosen and protected#N#To learn how, see Protect your passwords. 5 Don’t open suspicious attachments or click unusual links in messages.#N#They can appear in email, tweets, posts, online ads, messages, or attachments, and sometimes disguise themselves as known and trusted sources. 6 Browse the web safely#N#Avoid visiting sites that offer potentially illicit content. Many of these sites install malware on the fly or offer downloads that contain malware. Use a modern browser like Microsoft Edge, which can help block malicious websites and prevent malicious code from running on your computer. 7 Stay away from pirated material#N#Avoid streaming or downloading movies, music, books, or applications that do not come from trusted sources. They may contain malware. 8 Do not use USBs or other external devices unless you own them#N#To avoid infection by malware and viruses, ensure that all external devices either belong to you or come from a reliable source.

How to stop malware from running on my computer?

Use a modern browser like Microsoft Edge, which can help block malicious websites and prevent malicious code from running on your computer. Stay away from pirated material. Avoid streaming or downloading movies, music, books, or applications that do not come from trusted sources. They may contain malware.

Why are scams called phishing scams?

Many of these scams are known as "phishing scams" because they "fish" for your information.

What is Windows Security?

Windows Security (or Windows Defender Security Center in previous versions of Windows 10) is built in to Windows 10 and Windows 8 and provides real-time malware detection, prevention, and removal with cloud-delivered protection. It is intended for home, small business, and enterprise customers.

How to keep Microsoft Office up to date?

Keep all software up to date. Make sure to turn on automatic updates in Windows Update to keep Windows, Microsoft Office, and other Microsoft applications up to date. Turn on automatic updates for non-Microsoft software as well, especially browsers, Adobe Acrobat Reader, and other apps you regularly use. Use antivirus software and keep it current.

Is Microsoft Defender offline?

With Windows 10 and 11, Microsoft Defender Offline is built in to the operating system and can run from Windows Security. It is provided as a separate download for previous versions of Windows.

Why are public networks so dangerous?

This is because hackers armed with free programs such as Cain and Abel, Wireshark or Ettercap can connect to the same networks and eavesdrop on emails or copy passwords as they pass over the network.

What happens if a laptop is stolen from a hotel?

If your laptop is stolen from your car or hotel room there is usually nothing to stop the thief from removing your hard drive and attaching it to another computer. Doing this bypasses any account password protection and allows them to access your data easily.

Why is traveling with a laptop important?

Travelling with a laptop can represent a significant security risk to your business. This is because the data it contains is far more vulnerable when you are on the move than when you use a laptop in the relative safety of your office or home environment.

How to protect your data from intercepting?

The best way to protect your data from interception by other network users is to encrypt it while it is in transit between your computer and your office network, using a company VPN. If you don’t have access to a company VPN, you can use one from service provider such as StreamVia or StrongVPN.

Can you encrypt a drive?

You can encrypt an entire drive using BitLocker, an encryption utili ty included with some versions of Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8. A free, open source alternative is TrueCryp t, which also works with Windows XP, Linux and OS X.

Can a USB stick be stolen?

It doesn’t have to be stolen ; because it takes just seconds for a hacker to slip a USB stick into a laptop when it is unattended to install malicious software or steal data. Even relatively unsophisticated hackers can run programs like Mailpassview from a USB stick to steal your email account details and email password.

Can you password protect the BIOS?

To ensure that no-one can override these settings, password-protect the BIOS so that no more changes can be made to it without entering the password. This can also be configured in the BIOS settings.

What is a docking station lock?

The HP Docking Station cable lock is a great choice if you want a streamlined design that provides protection. This laptop cable locks both the docking station and the notebook itself, allowing you to take the dock with you if you want.

Why is antivirus software important?

The right antivirus software can be particularly helpful when you’re trying to keep your laptop safe from anyone hoping to steal your information through an internet connection. This can be especially essential if you’re storing client data or personal credit card information.

How to make sure your hard drive is safe?

1. Invest in a laptop security lock. A simple way to make sure that your data remains safely on your hard drive is to find a laptop lock that meets your needs. Laptop security cables make it nearly impossible to open your laptop, so it’s less likely to be stolen if it’s out in the open.

What to do if your laptop is stolen?

Best practice says your important data should be in two places besides your laptop for the most security. Back up to the cloud for easy access to files while you are traveling. But you should also back up to an external hard drive, …

What is a virtual private network?

A virtual private network can help safeguard your browsing while you are on the road. Click here to read about what a VPN is and how to set one up on Tech Takes.

Can a laptop be stolen on the road?

It’s impossible to avoid every scenario where your laptop could be stolen on the road. And sometimes, a computer cable lock and software firewall protection just aren’t enough.

Is the HP Elitebook 830 a secure laptop?

If you’re looking for a new device, we’re proud to say that the HP EliteBook 830 business laptop is one of the most secure laptop computers on the market.

How to protect my laptop from unauthorized access?

Installing antivirus software is another great way to protect your laptop. The antivirus protects your laptop from any unauthorized code that has infiltrated into the system. Having unauthorized code on the laptop means your personal information can be accessed without approval, and even deleted if that’s the intention. It could also lead to slower processing speeds and unanticipated glitches within your system.

How long does it take to break a password?

Some tools enable hackers to break easy passwords in a matter of minutes. Studies have shown that a six-character password with lowercase letters can be bypassed in six minutes or less. The strongest passwords will consist of no less than eight characters. There should also be a combination of letters and numbers, lower-case and upper-case characters, and at least one special character.

What is antivirus software?

The antivirus software protects common threats such as Trojans, key loggers, worms, and other predictable yet dangerous viruses. Even if you have a virus-free system, the antivirus is useful for protecting your laptop from future attacks. It scans every piece of incoming information and blocks any threat once detected.

How to protect your laptop from ISP?

A VPN encodes your Internet traffic and redirects it via an intermediary server situated in a separate location. This will mask your IP and replace it with a different one, so your ISP won’t be able to monitor your activity anymore.

What is a firewall?

A firewall is a program that protects a digital device from unauthorized access into a private network. Installing a firewall is basically like hiring a virtual security guard for your laptop. The firewall creates a virtual barrier between a computer and any unauthorized program that tries to install itself through the Internet. When the firewall detects any unauthorized efforts to access your system, you will be notified.

What is a password for a laptop?

A login password is usually the first line of defense in a laptop’s security. The strength of your password can make all the difference. Make sure you have a strong and complex password that is difficult to guess. When setting your password, avoid going for obvious answers like your birthday, the name of your better half, or even your cat’s name.

How to protect against spam?

The best way to protect against spam is to keep changing e-mail addresses. This may not be feasible if you do a lot of work online and need one dedicated email for your clients. If you have some flexibility when it comes to changing emails, you can create dummy accounts or aliases to keep the spammers off your scent. There are numerous programs and email services that will allow you to do this with little trouble.

Why is multifactor authentication important?

Implementing multi-factor authentication means that attackers won’t be able to access your accounts even with the correct login credentials .

What does encryption do to a computer?

Encryption converts files and data into code, obscuring their true contents and making it much harder for attackers to steal your information. By encrypting your hard drive, hackers and thieves will be unable to boot your laptop or access any files on the hard drive without inputting the correct encryption key.

Why do we need to turn on auto update?

Likewise, turning on auto-update or otherwise manually updating your operating system and programs will help limit vulnerabilities. Virus detection depends on up-to-date virus signatures and definitions, so it’s best to use software with automatic definition updates.

What does it mean when your laptop is stolen?

Having your company laptop stolen or hacked leaves you open to extortion, and puts you and your company at risk of damaging leaks and financial losses. Strong laptop protection means adopting behaviors, software, and hardware that keep your data private and your device secure.

Why is it important to have a password on your laptop?

Login passwords are essential in preventing other people from gaining unwanted access to your files at boot-up. If you frequently use your laptop in public places—including an office—setting a password-protected lock screen is a good idea.

Is it safe to leave a laptop in public?

It’s easy for others to steal it from your hotel room, at an airport, from your car, or in plain sight at a café or library. Never leave your company laptop unattended in public, nor in locations that aren’t totally secure.

Can a hacker use a webcam?

If your laptop has a webcam, get a physical cover for it . Hackers can weaponize your webcam and use it to spy on you via remote administration tools. While the LED light next to your camera should always be on when the camera is, attackers can disable the LED on Windows and MacOS.

What is 2SV in email?

A password can be combined with an email or SMS as part of a two-step verification (2SV) method for extra security. 2SV usually kicks in when you log into a website or app from a new or unrecognized device requiring you to verify your identity with a PIN code.

How to enable firewall in Windows XP?

If your operating system comes with a firewall (e.g. Windows XP onward), you can simply enable the built-in firewall. In Windows, this can be found by navigating to Control Panel>System and Security. You might choose to install an additional firewall as an extra layer of defense or if your OS doesn’t already have one.

Why is a firewall important?

This is bad if it’s a malicious program sent by a hacker. While it’s possible to close ports manually, a firewall acts as a simple defence to close all ports.

What is spyware in antivirus?

For alternatives take a look at this data backed comparison of antivirus. Spyware is a specific type of malware that is designed to secretly infect a computer. It then sits in the system, gathers information, and sends it to a third party.

How does a firewall protect your computer?

A firewall acts as a barrier between your computer or network and the internet. It effectively closes the computer ports that prevent communication with your device. This protects your computer by stopping threats from entering the system and spreading between devices.

How to protect your computer from hackers?

One way to ensure it doesn’t fall into the wrong hands is to encrypt your data. Encrypted data will require resources to decrypt it ; this alone might be enough to deter a hacker from pursuing action.

Why do browsers allow you to change your privacy settings?

Most browsers have options that enable you to adjust the level of privacy and security while you browse. These can help lower the risk of malware infections reaching your computer and malicious hackers attacking your device. Some browsers even enable you to tell websites not to track your movements by blocking cookies.

How to make sure Gmail is always HTTPS?

To make sure your Gmail page is always using a secure HTTPS connection, click on the gear icon in the top-right corner. Scroll to the tab labeled “General.” In the general menu, choose the option to always use an HTTPS connection .

Why is it important to keep your computer secure?

Keeping your PC secure is critical to protecting the personal, business, and financial information it contains. Fortunately, securing your computer is easy if you take the proper precautions. This wikiHow will teach you how using secure passwords and verification processes as well as encrypting your hard drive will make it more difficult …

How to change Facebook to HTTPS?

To change your Facebook settings to use an HTTPS connection, click on the down arrow in the top right corner of your screen and select the “Account Settings” option. In the menu for your account settings, click on the option labeled “Security” to bring up the menu. In the “Secure Browsing” section, check the box labeled “Browse Facebook on a secure connection (https) when possible” to change the settings.

What is HTTPS secure?

Hypertext transfer protocol secure (HTTPS) is an encrypted website connection that your browser uses when you’re accessing and viewing a web page.

What is VPN in web?

A Virtual Private Network (V PN) encrypts website metadata so you can browse privately. You can subscribe to a popular VPN like Tunnel Bear, Cyber Ghost, or ProtonVPN. Many VPNs have a monthly fee in order for you to use their encryption services. Search online for free VPNs that you can use as well.

Why add social media to authenticator?

Add your social media accounts to your authenticator app to create another layer of security.

How to protect your Wi-Fi connection?

If you sign into a public Wi-Fi connection or a connection that isn’t yours, your PC can be breached by hackers, viruses, and malware. A Virtual Private Network (VPN) encrypts your information and keeps your PC secure so you can browse safely.

How to secure a computer to a desk?

Secure your office computers to desks using computer locks. Most computers, if not all of them, contain universal slots in which you can fasten locks that keep each computer securely attached to a desk. Follow the instructions provided by the manufacturer of the laptop or desktop locks to physically secure the laptops or desktops in your office …

What is computer lock?

Computer locks have the ability to keep laptop and desktop computers properly secured to desks. Speak with your office’s information technology (IT) department to determine if they already have laptop or desktop locks available for use or if they are responsible for purchasing this equipment for the office. Purchase laptop or desktop locks …

What is a badge security system?

Install a badge security system in which authorized employees must swipe their badge to access rooms that contain office computers and other valuable equipment.

What is proximity alarm?

Proximity alarms will alert you when equipment is removed outside of a specific radius. Verify that the appropriate radius is programmed into the alarm receivers. This will prevent false alarms from occurring when employees take laptops with them to meetings or to other sections of the office building.

How many people edit wikihow?

wikiHow is a “wiki,” similar to Wikipedia, which means that many of our articles are co-written by multiple authors. To create this article, 12 people, some anonymous, worked to edit and improve it over time. This article has been viewed 44,496 times.

Where to store receivers for transmitters?

Store the receivers for every transmitter in a central office location. A central location will accurately track computers based on the radius programmed into the transmitter.

Can you lock a laptop to a desk?

If your laptop or desktop computers do not contain security slots that allow you to physically secure them to desks, purchase lock kits provided with security bolts that can be glued to each computer.

How to change password on laptop?

Choose a strong password. 1 If your computer already has a password on it, then you will have to enter that password into the "Old password" box. 2 Confirm the password by typing it again. 3 Type a password hint (don’t make it your password), which will come up if you enter the wrong password when you log in. The password hint might jog your memory if you forgot your password.

How to reset password on computer if you forget it?

Enter the password that you want to set. Make sure that you remember this password as it can be difficult to reset it if you forget. You might want to write the password down on a piece of paper, and then lock the paper in a safe so that if you ever do forget it, you can still get access to your computer.

What is a supervisor password?

Supervisor password: This is a password that only locks the BIOS configuration menu. You might want to at least set this password and make sure that your hard drive is the first boot device since it will prevent someone from removing your Windows password with a password reset disk.

What is a BIOS password?

Understand what a BIOS password is. A BIOS password is the extremely strong password that locks up the hardware and makes the computer completely unusable. There are two different kinds of BIOS passwords, a User password, and a Supervisor password, their differences are listed below:

How to know if you forgot your password?

Choose a strong password which cannot be guessed. Type a password hint (don’t make it your password), which will come up if you enter the wrong password when you log in. The password hint might jog your memory if you forgot your password. …

How to enter BIOS on a computer?

Open the BIOS. You have to press a button when you see the computer logo at startup to enter the BIOS. The button you press varies by computer manufactures, below are some of the more common ones:

What is shoulder surfer?

Be on the lookout for "shoulder surfers". Shoulder surfers are hackers who look over your shoulder (hence the name), and watch you enter your password. When entering your password, make sure nobody is close by to keep it safe. Thanks!

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