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how to secure a jet ski trailer

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How to Secure a Jet Ski TrailerCable Clocks/Chains You can simply use a cable lock to secure the jet ski trailer by just running the cable through the wheels. One of the best products on the market is probably the above-mentioned alarm cable lock. …Coupler Locks for Jet Ski Trailers Coupler locks are designed to secure the trailer’s coupler,which provides some protection against trailer “tow-away” theft. …Wheel Lock …

Can you lock a jet ski to a trailer?

You can lock a jet ski to its trailer with cable locks or chains, but special jet ski locks are also available on the market. Always make sure to secure the jet ski’s driveshaft to the trailer’s frame. Additionally, you can consider a GPS tracker. Although none of these products provide 100% security, they make taking your jet ski harder.

How do you secure a jet ski to a dock?

The easiest way to secure a jet ski to a dock is by using cable locks. Just run the cable through the bow (or rear) eye and attach it to the dock. You can’t go wrong with a combination cable lock as keys can be lost or easily dropped into the water.

How do you use a winch on a jet ski?

In this case, the winch is going to be used to let down your jet ski into the water, as well as pull it up onto the trailer when reloading. In combination with the tie-down straps, the winch is going to keep your PWC from rolling off the bunks or back of your trailer.

Can You Trail a jet ski?

Trailering a jet ski always starts with thorough preparation, as an unsecured trailer or jet ski on it can lead to many dangerous situations, and even accidents! Because of this, you may want to do a safety inspection before you hit the road. Let’s see the most important tasks to look out for. How Should a Jet Ski Sit On a Trailer?

How to secure a jet ski to a dock?

The easiest way to secure a jet ski to a dock is by using cable locks. Just run the cable through the bow (or rear) eye and attach it to the dock. You can’t go wrong with a combination cable lock as keys can be lost or easily dropped into the water.

Where should I store my jet ski?

Proper storage: Without question, it’s always best if you can store your jet ski in your garage or another secured indoor space . But let’s face it, jet ski trailers are quite bulky, so unless you move your jet ski to a dolly it can hog a lot of space in your garage.

What is a ski lock?

SkiLock is a unique jet ski lock designed to secure the jet ski to the bunks.

How long is a jet ski stored?

Theft of parts or gear like seat, battery, cover, anchor – or all of these! Considering the fact that an average jet ski is used around 30 hours a year, this means it’s stored somewhere for the other 8735 hours.

What is a coupler lock?

Coupler locks are designed to secure the trailer’s coupler, which provides some protection against trailer “tow-away” theft. These locks could be useful but only if the coupler is welded to the frame on your trailer, as otherwise it can be changed easily in a minute or two with a battery-powered impact wrench.

What are some crimes that can happen with a jet ski?

Jet Ski Crimes. The term “jet ski crime” includes many jet ski related crimes like vandalism, theft, or theft of its parts. Even new jet skis come with special keys for increased safety, which only prevents the jet ski from starting. But it’s a fact that the majority of crimes don’t happen on the beach or near the dock!

What is the advantage of cable locks?

The main advantage of this award-winning technology is that it can detect when a thief tries to cut the cable or force the lock. When the system detects any damage it automatically turns on a siren.

How to secure a jet ski trailer?

To secure a jet ski trailer, always make sure that the coupler is compatible with the ball hitch. Attach and secure the hitch to the ball, and don’t forget to attach the safety chains as well . The best practice is to crisscross the chain under the trailer’s frame, as it should support the weight of the load. Also, take a look at the tires; they …

How many straps should I use for a jet ski?

The best practice is to use three of them; two straps for the stern and one for the front. Make sure that all of them are tight! Another key point to remember is that you always have to remove the cover while trailering the jet ski as it can damage the paint coating!

What is the safest way to transport a jet ski?

Trailering a jet ski is the most popular and safest way to transport a jet ski.

What does it mean when you tow a jet ski with a car?

When you tow a jet ski with a car, the key is to always be aware that there’s a vessel attached behind you. This means you have to moderate your speed, especially during the turns.

How far should I stop to check if my jet ski is working?

Stop and Check the Trailer. Even if you’ve secured the straps tightly on the jet ski, the vibration on the road can result in loosened straps. So after 10- 20 miles, it’s recommended to stop and check if everything is right with your trailer.

What does it mean when a jet ski sits on a trailer?

Having the jet ski in the right position on the trailer means that the hull is supported with the rollers/bunks properly. Also pay attention to the proper weight distribution!

Why is it important to drive carefully?

The most important is to always drive carefully, as the trailer makes your car less responsive. This means you’ll need more time to react and maneuver with the car. Beyond a more challenging driving experience, there are many other important factors to look for. Let’s check them one-by-one.

What is a winch on a jet ski?

A winch is essentially a “wind up” device that either pulls in or releases tension on a strap ( source) securing the front of the ski to the trailer. In this case, the winch is going to be used to let down your jet ski into the water, as well as pull it up onto the trailer when reloading.

How to secure a jet ski to a trailer?

The most common method of securing your jet ski to the trailer is through the use of ratchet tie-down straps that generally come with S-shaped hooks meant specifically for towing large loads, as well as a winch. Some trailers, like my Triton double, have built-in rear tie down straps. You don’t have to use them though.

What is a jet ski trailer made of?

They come in multiple sizes and have the ability to tow one or two jet skis at a time. Trailers are typically made out of aluminum, but some are made out of steel, and there are advantages and disadvantages to each.

Why do jet skis get damaged?

One of the most common reasons for damage to jet skis is not due to accidents on the water but those that occur off of the water due to inexperience with the trailer itself.

How to make sure my jet ski is working?

To make sure that your jet ski is working properly, you are going to want to run a dry start. This will allow you to see if your jet ski will start — and that you have gas — without being stuck in the water and stranded.

Where should I place my jet ski when loading my boat?

When you are loading your personal watercraft onto the trailer, be sure that you position the jet ski so the rear of your PWC is flushed with the back end of the bunks. Most of the weight of a jet ski is right where the engine lies. You want that centered one the axle (s).

Where should the PWC be on a jet ski?

The second is protection for the hull when the boat is in storage or being towed. The PWC should be on the rear, flush with the back end of the bunks.

How to keep criminals from hitting your trailer?

As we mentioned above, chain your trailer and ski to a light pole or post when you are traveling. This will keep criminals from being able to hitch up and drive away in less than a minute. This cable lock is highly recommended.

What happens if you disconnect a ski battery?

If you disconnect the battery, the ski wont start so a thief will believe it is dead in the water. This can be done physically on the battery or with a waterproof battery disconnect switch. Some of these switches are keyed, so once again, they will need a key in order to have power. This will keep most thieves of opportunity at bay.

How to keep people from stealing your trailer?

While you are parked, a trailer wheel lock can assist you by keeping people from stealing your trailer. You can try to jackknife your trailer into the corner of a building, back up as close as you can to a wall so someone can’t remove your trailer from your hitch, or other deterrents, but having the boot on it will be a pretty safe bet to keep your trailer from being stolen. Our favorite model will keep your trailer tire from being able to spin.

Why do you need a ski cover?

A ski that is covered takes just that much longer to uncover and figure out how to steal. This will also keep thefts of opportunity at bay from keeping your storage easily accessible. A cover will also protect your ski from UV sun damage and keep it looking new. A generic cover that doesn’t advertise the brand and model on the side can keep thieves guessing on if you have a brand new ski or 20 year old ski.

How many bolts do you need to remove a coupler?

Couplers can be removed typically with only 4 bolts, so the serious criminal will get away, but this will keep most at bay. We have a few of these hitch locks as well as hitch pin locks to keep our trailers locked to our vehicle when traveling.

What to do if your trailer is stolen?

If you have a trailer, you will want to take a photo of your license plate and serial number as well. This documentation will come in handy if it does in fact become stolen, you will have all of the data to deliver to the police as well as your insurance company. These details are also handy to keep in your vehicles glove box.

Can you lock a ski trailer?

If you are parked at a hotel, store, or even at your house, you can lock your ski and trailer around an immovable object such as light pole, basketball hoop, pillar on a house, or anything you can find. For this, you will need the longer cable lock in case you cannot get close enough. A chain can also be used, but a cable lock with vinyl over the cable will protect your hull and trailer from damage from the chain.

How to lock a PWC on a trailer?

Thieves have been known to pick a PWC right off a trailer when left unattended.To prevent this, the craft needs to be locked to the trailer when it is not in use or left unattended when towing. Invest in a heavy gauge steel wire cable lock to lock the PWC to the trailer. The cable lock can be run through bow eye or rear tie-down rings. Using vinyl coated cable will prevent scratching the paint.

What size is a CZC hitch lock pin?

CZC AUTO Trailer Hitch Coupler Locking Pin Design:1/4 Inch diameter tongue lock pin with effective length 3/4 Inch. Small size for easy carrying. Keeping the coupler lock in your pocket or vehicle anywhere that is fine. Please verify dimension and length of the pin you want before purchasing our coupler hitch lock pin.

How to keep PWC safe?

There are 10 inexpensive strategies that can help keep your PWC safe. Remove your lanyard, key, or activate the locking system. Lock your trailer to your hitch. Lock your hitch to your towing vehicle. Lock your craft to your trailer. Lock your PWC to the dock frame. Use wheel locks on the trailer.

What is a trailer lock?

A trailer lock that should be considered is a coupler latch to lock the coupler onto the ball. This prevents the thief from just unhooking the trailer from the two vehicles and re-hooking to theirs quickly. Options include a good padlock or trailer-specific lock can be used instead of the cotter pin .

How do PWC racers run cable?

Making things difficult is the idea. PWC racers have been known to run cable through wheels, under the drive shaft, and through the trailer frame.

Why do thieves steal PWCs?

Thieves steal PWCs to either strip them for parts to be sold or to re-sale the craft itself. By reducing the market for stolen boats, engine, and parts, it reduces the incentive for stealing. Thieves are typically stealing to make money and not for their own personal use. All buyers of PWC parts must be aware of the problems of stolen watercrafts and make sure to only buy from reputable sources.

Why is a coded lock important?

This is especially important if the trailer is going to be unattended for a longer period, such as overnight, or left in an area where it is not as going to be watched closely, such as a motel parking lot late at night. A coded lock is even easier to use, since there are no keys to lose.

How to secure a jet ski?

Secure your jet ski safely next to the dock or on the beach. Head back to your car and inspect the trailer to make sure the hitch is firmly attached to the tow vehicle. (Alternatively, you can wait on your PWC while your buddy gets the car and trailer).

Is canoeing similar to kayaking?

People new to water sports might find it difficult to differentiate between canoeing and kayaking. Although they appear to be similar , they are in actuality quite different. Those who’re familiar…

Is jet skiing fun?

One of the great things about jet skiing is that it’s easy and fun to do for experts and beginners alike. Now that you know how to launch and reload your jet ski on a trailer, you’ll be ready to quickly hit the water any time the notion strikes. Have a blast!

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