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how to reset security key on a stealth cam

how to reset security key on a stealth cam插图

How do I change my password on the app?Open the app and click on LoginClick on Forgot PasswordEnter the email address associated with your accountClick on reset password

How do I Reset my security key?

All data and credentials will be cleared. A Microsoft-compatible security key can be reset via Settings app (Settings Accounts Sign-in options Security key). USB: Remove and reinsert the security key. When the LED on the security key begins flashing, touch the metal contact

Can I get a refund from Stealth Cam?

After going down two different times and observe the camera never took pictures after my test pics. before leaving after setup. I called stealth cam a demanded a total refund. After raising enough cane as they first only wanted to attempt to fix it, they privided me with a warranty refund number and i sent it back to them.

Can Stealth Cam i-550 camera be repaired?

Stealth cam says they do not repair them. Would anyone here know of anyplace that could fix them ? Thanks, Dont know about having it fixed or where it could be fixed.. But i purchased a stealth cam i-550 back in july. After going down two different times and observe the camera never took pictures after my test pics. before leaving after setup.

Page 4: Table Of Contents

TABLE O F C ONTENTS Camera O verview 5 Quick S tart G uide 7 General I nformation 8 Camera P rogramming 9 …

Page 5: Camera O Verview

CAMERA O VERVIEW Front O pen Front Close Bottom 5 www.stealthcam.com P age 877-­‐269-­‐8490 …

Page 7: Quick S Tart G Uide

QUICK S TART G UIDE Power O ptions ( Select o ne) 1. Insert 8 ‘AA’ batteries into the Battery Tray. Slide Battery Tray into the bottom of the G42NG camera …

Page 8: General I Nformation

GENERAL I NFORMATION Storing c onditions Operating E nvironment: 1 4 t o 1 04 d eg F ( -­‐10 t o 4 0 d eg C ). 2 0-­‐85% r elative ?…

Page 9: Camera P Rogramming

CAMERA P ROGRAMMING This G42NG features 6 distinct modes of operation: Off / Q1 / Q2 /Q3 / Custom / Test. Each setting is activated based upon the position of the switch on the inside of …

Page 10: Custom S Ettings

CAMERA P ROGRAMMING – C USTOM ( CONT) Custom – This is the fifth setting and is defined by the user. When the camera is changed to this mode, the display screen will reflect the last program setting: Number of images on the memory card, …

Page 18: Longitude

CAMERA P ROGRAMMING -­‐ C USTOM ( CONT) and either N (North) or S (South). With this option blinking, use the UP or DOWN arrow buttons …

Why won’t the camera work at all after replacing the batteries ?

Make sure that the battery contacts are not corroded. Otherwise call the manufacturer. They have a 1 year warranty.

What is a PUK code?

PUK stands for Personal Unblocking Key. This is a unique eight-digit code specific to your SIM card. This is required when the PIN number to unlock your mobile phone is entered incorrectly 3 times. You are then given 10 attempts to enter your PUK code. If an incorrect PUK code is entered after the 10th attempt, you will block your SIM card permanently and will require a new SIM card from your mobile phone provider. PUK codes can be obtained through the following ways – The PUK code is in your SIM card documentation Starter Pack. If you do not have this then – Please contact your phone service provider. Your cell phone service provider can give you the PUK code once you give them your account details and they have confirmed your identity. For details to obtain the PUK code for the SIM card, please click on this link and follow my instructions. http://www.fixya.com/support/r5705889-puk_code

What does "loc" mean on a camera?

The LOC message means that the slide switch on the the SD card is LOCked! The camera cannot store pictures on the SD card until the slide switch is in the correct (unlocked) position. I had this problem, as well!

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