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how to make my front door more secure

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Without further ado,here are some highly effective ways you can improve your front door security:Reinforce your deadbolt strike plateInstall a heavy-duty,high-quality deadboltReinforce your door frame and hingesUse a keyless door lockAdd a horizontal security barInstall a strike plate lockProtect door windows with security film or grilleMake sure you have a door with a solid coreMore items

How to improve the security of your front door?

Without further ado,here are some highly effective ways you can improve your front door security:Reinforce your deadbolt strike plateInstall a heavy-duty,high-quality deadboltReinforce your door frame and hingesUse a keyless door lockAdd a horizontal security barInstall a strike plate lockProtect door windows with security film or grilleMake sure you have a door with a solid coreInstall a door barricadeMore items…

How can I secure an outwardly opening front door?

Outswing Door Security: 5 Ways to Secure a Door That Opens OutwardOutswing Door Security Bar. This is the best way to secure an outswing door from the inside. …Tie the door knob to some heavy furniture. This is a pretty effective and basically free method. …Install a Latch Guard. …Use a door lock hinge protector. …Install Security Hinges with a Non-Removable Pin. …

How to install a smart lock for your front door?

Six Things to Consider Before Installing a Smart LockUse Good Batteries. Smart locks run on battery power. …Make Sure Your Door Closes Properly. …Smart Locks Have Huge Thumbturn Plates. …Buy the Same Brand of Lock Your House Currently Uses. …You Can Still Keep Your Traditional Deadbolt. …Check with Your Landlord First. …

How to secure a front door from a robbery?

How to Secure a Front Door From a RobberyDoor Hinges. Door hinges are a weak anchor point on many front doors. …Strike Plate. Secure the front door by anchoring the strike plate solidly. …Doorjambs. A wood door frame can become weakened by weather,insects and lack of maintenance. …Door Locks. …Front Door. …Peephole. …Door Brace. …

Why is a deadbolt important?

The deadbolt is the most important lock in your home security arsenal because it is harder to manipulate a bolt than a spring loaded latch. The fact that you cannot get the bolt to move without rotating the lock core is the main reason why deadbolts are so important to home security.

What to do if you don’t have a high security door lock?

If you do not have a high-security product, you will need to consider the cost of changing locks so that you can increase your front door security.

How to strengthen a lock?

There are installed by taking off the current lock and securing the cover to the door with screws before re-installing the lock again. Once the lock is secured onto the door, the cover will have both, set screws and the lock, holding it in place. This adds another layer of hardened material that keeps the door from fracturing around the holes that have weakened it.

What happens if you don’t have a lock on your door?

If you do not have a lock on your door, then you do not have any front door security. Everything about front door security is built off of the locks you are using. Without knowing about your locks you will not know what other types of front door security you need, and how much more security is necessary.

What is the most important part of front door security?

The most foundational part of front door security is the lock that you use. Locks can vary quite extraordinarily in terms of the level of security they offer a home. For that reason, it is of the utmost importance that you make sure you are not using the wrong lock for your front door security. Choosing the wrong lock for the job is only one of the concerns. You also have to be aware of what your lock is vulnerable to. Does it protect against bump keys? Is the metal weak so that it can be broken with blunt force or drilled into? What steps has it taken to fortify itself against covert and violent entry?

How to make glass stronger?

You can make your glass stronger, by replacing the glass with a stronger material, adding bars, or by using security window film. If you use a double-sided deadbolt to secure yourself against broken window lock manipulation, know that that door is no longer a safe exit for emergencies. 7.

How can front door security be improved?

Key Takeaways: Front door security can be improved by making sure your front door is visible to people who might be alarmed to see any type of forced entry. Fences, poor lighting, and foliage can provide criminals cover as they attempt to get past your front door security. 9. Monitor Your Door.

Why do you need a jamb reinforcement kit?

A durable jamb reinforcement kit significantly improves security by making your front door much more resistant to force attacks. However, keep in mind that it doesn’t protect your door against more sophisticated attacks, such as key picking or bumping (that’s why you should install a secure deadbolt as a first step).

Why is it important to reinforce a deadbolt strike plate?

Therefore, reinforcing your deadbolt strike plate is a very important step to make your front door more secure.

What is the role of door jambs?

The door jamb and the hinges play an important role in front door security. Reinforcing them is usually not a complicated process, so in most cases, you can do it yourself, without the help of a professional.

What is the metal plate that holds the door bolt?

When a door is closed, the bolt is held by a metal plate, the so-called strike plate. It’s attached to the jamb and there’s a hole in it: the bolt extends into this opening. The strike plate is an extremely important part of the deadbolt locking system.

What is the ANSI grading system?

The ANSI (American National Standards Institute) grading system was developed by the BHMA (Builders Hardware Manufacturers Association) with the purpose of identifying the durability of locksets. The grading system ranges from 1 (highest level of security) to 3.

How to prevent forced entry?

1. Install an ANSI Grade 1 Deadbolt. When it comes to home security, a high-quality deadbolt is a must. A durable deadbolt lock can significantly contribute to preventing forced entries, such as kick-ins, which is a common way to get in through a front door.

What to do if you have a weak deadbolt lock?

If you currently use a weak deadbolt lock, replacing it with a more secure one should be your first step to reinforce your entry door.

Why are deadbolts so popular?

They strengthen your door and make it impossible to pick the lock or use a card. Plus, deadbolts are incredibly affordable.

What does it mean when a door is hard?

Having a hard door means there’s no way to break the door by barging at it or kicking it. Burglars are better off kicking a tree than trying to break a solid door.

What is a single sided deadbolt lock?

If you’re afraid of lockpicks, a single-sided deadbolt lock is the perfect way to stop them. Deadbolts are locking mechanisms that can only be opened with a key. There are several variations of deadbolt locks, such as one-side deadbolts, double-cylinder deadbolts, and standard deadbolts.

What is a strike plate?

Strike plates (the metal plate where the doorknob latch connects when closed), is what holds your door shut. Unfortunately, too many front doors have strike plates that only use ¾ inch screws, which is terrible at keeping burglars out.

What is the most convenient security product?

Door alarms are perhaps the most convenient security product there is.

Why is a solid door important?

While solid doors can’t do everything on their own, it’s essential to excellent home security. Without one, all the locks in the world won’t keep a burglar out. That’s why having a solid front door is crucial. From there, you can add other devices and improvements to have an impenetrable front door.

How many burglars use doors?

In reality, 65% of burglars use doors – with 34% getting in through the front door!

How far does a door knob go into a door frame?

In most cases, the closing latch on your door knob and the deadbolt lock, if you have one, only go between 1/2 and 1 inch into the door frame. And the wood on a typical door frame just isn’t that sturdy. There is a metal plate on your door frame that the lock goes into.

What is a barricade on a double door?

The first is a barricade that can work for both single and double doors. The barricade itself slides in and out of a plate that you screw down to the floor. The second one actually has a plate that screws onto the door and another that screws onto the floor .

What is the metal plate on a door frame?

There is a metal plate on your door frame that the lock goes into. But in almost every case, that metal plate is attached to the door frame with 3/4 inch screws. Which means that the plate is also only attached to that thin wooden door frame. This makes a lot of front doors really easy to kick in.

How to make your front door more secure?

That’s why it’s so important to make sure that the front door to your house is impenetrable. To dramatically improve your front door security you can 1. replace the screws in your door’s metal plate with longer three inch screws, 2. replace your short metal plate with a longer one, 3. replace the rest of the door and door hinge screws with

Why is it important to have a secure front door?

The front door to your house is one of the most common entry points for intruders, and one of the most important to have secure. You would think that they would try to sneak in through a window or go around back, but most don’t. That’s why it’s so important to make sure that the front door to your house is impenetrable.

Do you need a longer screw for a deadbolt lock?

Fortunately, for exterior doors and even some interior doors, companies are starting to use at least 1 longer screw when they install the hinges, especially on exterior doors.

Can you use the front door of your house as a primary exit?

It’s quite simple, I suggest that you don’t use the front door of your house for your primary exit. If you can, I would try to exit through the garage. If you take the appropriate steps, your garage can be a difficult entry point for intruders already, but a really easy entry point for you.

What is a high security door lock?

A high-security lock is going to offer a variety of protections. It is the best way to secure a door against surreptitious and covert entry methods. As long as you are choosing from trusted door lock brands and choosing one of their high-security products, you will be on the right path to secure your door. Understand that security comes from the deadbolt and not the door handle (even if it has a keyed lock). So make sure that your deadbolt can withstand the appropriate amount of force. The strength of the lock, in this instance, comes from the type of metal it is made from, and how much metal is used. Even if the lock uses hardened steel, it may be largely hollow (meaning that has more empty space than metal), so it will not be as strong a thicker locks.

What is a cutting attack on a lock?

Cutting – Most cutting attacks are focused on the throw of the deadbolt. This is the length of metal that your lock extends into the strike plate. On the cheap l ocks that you will find at hardware stores, cutting can be done extremely fast, even with just a hand saw. The success of this attack depends on the metal content of your lock’s bolt and the gap between the door and the frame. An extremely tight gap and/or a hardened metal throw will be what you need to deflect this type of attack.

Why use a longer strike plate?

A longer strike plate will disperse the energy of a bludgeoning brute force attack throughout the length of the door jamb. It should be used to build off the first best way to secure a door, but by using a longer strike, you are increasing the number of screws that binding the plate to the frame.

What is bypassing a door?

Bypassing – To bypass a secure door means that there is a flaw, which allows you to open the door without having to apply much force at all. Think of a bypass as methods that out think the security. For example, moving a tool into the gap at the bottom of a door to actuate the lock from the inside. The most popular example of bypassing doors is the credit card method. This has more to do with how the door lock is used than anything else. Even if you have found the best way to secure a door, you can undercut the security by only using the spring-loaded latch bolt on the lock handle.

How to secure a door without talking about the door itself?

You cannot talk about the best way to secure a door without talking about the door itself. As was mentioned above, with the strike plate and hinges secured, it is actually more likely that the wood of the door will break than anything else. A hole is likely to be made either large enough to enter the building, or at least reach through to attempt to open the lock. It is important that you are using a solid core door for any entrance point that you are looking to secure. One of the ways to know if your door is strong is to feel the weight of it. The lighter the door, the more likely that it is not solidly constructed.

Why do you need a locksmith to change locks?

There are also many reasons to hire a locksmith to change locks, one of which is that if any of these things are done wrong, you may not know until it is too late. Something cannot be the best way to secure a door if it is done wrong.

How to know if a door is strong?

One of the ways to know if your door is strong is to feel the weight of it. The lighter the door, the more likely that it is not solidly constructed. The best way to secure a door while focusing on door construction is to look into getting a door that uses an iron or even a steel core.

What is the best grade for a deadbolt?

The ideal quality to go for when choosing a deadbolt lock is ANSI Grade 1. American National Standards Institute (ANSI) grades locksets according to their durability, with grade 1 being the best and most secure to grade 3 being the least secure. You should at least use a grade 2 deadbolt to rest assured.

What is a strike plate on a deadbolt?

The strike plate is the metal plate with a hole, attached to the jamb that holds the lock when you close the door. A good deadbolt can only do its job if the strike plate is reliable. If the strike plate of your deadbolt lock is too shallow or not properly secured, it can easily give in and put your safety into jeopardy.

Why do you need a door shield?

Just like a hinge or jamb shield, a door shield is used to reinforce the area around the lock in the door. It gives extra strength to the lock for doors and helps secure your door firmly. Just a caution, though, if you are using it along with the other shields, make sure you have enough room to do so. If you install everything and then later realize that the door is not closing because of all the reinforcements, everything would be kind of meaningless.

What is the best door for a door that is not up to the mark?

A sturdy door is the best, but if the hinges that attach this sturdy barrier to the door frame and wall are not up to the mark or open for anybody to tamper with, it will be all for naught. This is especially true for outswinging doors that leave the hinges open and vulnerable.

How to use strike plate lock?

Just attach the strike plate lock to the jamb and put the ring over the doorknob and you are all set!

How many inches of screws do you need to secure a door?

The first and perhaps the most important to keep in mind is that no matter how good quality your door, or hinges, or deadlock is, it is useless if they are not secured properly. So the one thing that you must absolutely do, in order to have a secure door, is to change all the screws to at least 3 or 3 ½ inches instead of the standard 1 ½ inches screws.

What is the door jamb?

The doorpost or frame is important, too, when talking about a secure front door. The jamb is what holds the entire thing together, and unless it is strong enough, your front door can come down like a house of cards. Okay, this is an exaggeration, but you get my point – door jammers are important!

Are Double Front Doors More or Less Secure?

Double front doors, or french doors, are installed for a number of reasons. Aesthetically, they make a dramatic statement. They’re perfect for large homes or homes with wide entryways. They can also be more convenient and accessible. However, this leads some homeowners to fear that double front doors are not as secure as single front doors. The conceit is that because the opening is in the center, it would be easier for burglars to kick in one door or the other.

Why is it important to have a professional install a door?

They will also ensure that the hinges are secure and tough and that the entire surrounding of the door is durable and able to hold up the door for years to come. That’s why it’s so important to have your entry doors installed by a professional, and to use the right professional.

How to keep a passive door locked?

This can be done with a bolt that is installed at the top or bottom of the door, locking it in place. Burglars will find it harder to kick the passive door, and the strength of the passive door will reinforce the active through door.

What is the best door to protect your home from burglars?

The material you choose also makes a big difference when it comes to securing your doors from burglars. Steel is often thought to be one of the most durable materials, and certainly steel is stronger than wood entry doors; but the truth is that fiberglass has caught up to it. Not only can these doors take on the look of wood or steel doors, but Fiberglass Entry Doors are the most durable option out there. Unlike steel, fiberglass doesn’t dent, an issue that could eventually wear down a steel door. It’s also much lower maintenance so it will continue to protect your home for the longest time possible – not just in Orange County, but everywhere!

Why are double front doors so hard to kick in?

Double front doors can be quite secure, but as with most things, it comes down to the installation. If these doors are installed incorrectly, they can be too easy to kick in. It might be that the door frame or the hinges aren’t able to securely hold them or that the doors are the wrong size for the frame.

Why do burglars break glass?

Burglars will sometimes break the glass in order to unlock the door and break into the home. Security film will help to reinforce the glass, making it more difficult to break. There is no security film that is so powerful the glass will become completely unbreakable, but it will add another barrier to keep burglars out.

What is the difference between passive and active doors?

The active door is the door that is most commonly used, while the passive door is least likely used. Sometimes the passive door is actually meant to stay closed while still offering the aesthetic of double doors. So if you’re worried about security, you might start by keeping the passive door locked.

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