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how to join g4s security

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All applications for the G4s security guard position are eitheronline or by sending your resume to the companyas advertised by the company in their official website or through recruitment agencies. it is important to ensure that your application contains all the necessary attachments such as academic certificates, a CV and personal contacts.

Where can I find G4S jobs and careers?

G4S’ Job board allows you to search G4S jobs and careers globally including cash, security, facilities management and care and justice roles. Security | G4S Jobs Careers

What are G4S training courses?

Training Courses. G4S’s International Specialist Training Academy provides a gateway into the security industry. On completion of our training courses, delegates will have the qualifications and certifications to become employed within the global security industry. Our courses include: More Info.

What does a G4S Security Officer DO?

As a professionally trained Security Officer for G4S, you could be a member of the security team responsible for securing premises, such as building sites, courts, shops, warehouses, banks and factories as well as ports and airports. You would be conducting foot or vehicle patrols, controlling access at points of entry, …

Where are G4S’s integrated access control solutions being implemented?

With 4,500 card readers across 55 university buildings, Aalborg University in Denmark is G4S’s biggest integrated access control implementation in Europe. G4S is playing a major role in the delivery of off-airport cargo screening services in Hong Kong, following the implementation of new strict security rules introduced by the Government.

What is G4S job board?

The G4S Job Board ensures the most engaging and supportive candidate experience and enables G4S to draw upon the very best internal and external talent when filling its live vacancies.

How many employees does G4S have?

our Employees. With around 533,000 colleagues, G4S is one of the world’s largest private sector employers.

What is the Slavery and Human Trafficking Statement?

Our Slavery & Human Trafficking Statement describes the actions we have taken to help prevent modern slavery.

What is G4S risk assessment?

Our free, online G4S Risk Assessment is the first step in our process to helping organisations understand their security risks in order to effectively develop appropriate and effective security risk mitigation solutions. Start your assessment now to receive your personalised G4S Risk Radar Report today.

What is G4S Academy?

G4S Academy publishes its guides to detecting and countering drones. The rapidly increasing use of drones has created a challenge for governments and regulators. In the wrong hands they can be a dangerous weapon, capable of causing harm and widespread disruption.

Why is the rise of attacks by use of hazardous materials in recent years prompting more organisations to implement smart technology solutions?

The sharp rise of attacks by use of hazardous materials in recent years is prompting more organisations to implement smart technology solutions that help them detect and manage these risks and better protect their people and assets from harm.

Where did the G4S team evacuate?

The life saving actions taken by the G4S team in Indonesia to evacuate Shell employees who became trapped during a flash flood have been praised by the leadership of the global energy company.

Is mining a hazardous occupation?

Mining is a hazardous occupation with elevated risks of injury, and the emphasis placed on health and safety has never been greater. G4S has a proud history of providing security at some of the world’s biggest mines. Read more.

Who is the Global Director of G4S?

Steen Bonke Sorensen, Global Director of the G4S Academy, explains what the term ‘integrated security’ means at G4S and discusses how it enhances value for customers and manages their risks.

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