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how to install rsa securid software token on windows

how to install rsa securid software token on windows插图

Download the most recent release of the software from the RSA website. It will be the first option listed under Latest Tagged : RSA SecurID Software Token Downloads for Microsoft Windows …In your “Downloads” folder,open RSASecurIDSoftwareToken.zip and double-click the RSASecurIDToken.msi installation file. …Follow the installation instructions and choose the setup type Typical.

How to install RSA token?

Install RSA SecurID Software Token for Android from the Play Store and Activate using a QR code scan 1. On your mobile device go to the Play Store. 2. Search for the RSA SecurID Software Token App and click install. 3. Open the application when the install completes. This is in preparation for a later step. 4.

How do I use my RSA token?

? To activate the RSA token, open the email received from IT on your device using the default / built-in e-mail app – Mail – and click the link within 7 days. Users who use another e-mail app or webmail, may encounter issues. ? Once the token has been imported successfully, enter 0000 for the PIN ? Tap the right arrow

How to request a RSA token?

To obtain an RSA soft or hard token:Fill out a RSA Token Request form (use your Services account to log in). …All users are required to participate in a Zoom video meeting and present the Service Desk staff member with their valid government-issued ID (driver’s license,passport) before the token will …Before you can use your token,you need to set up your PIN. …

How does RSA SecureID?

RSA SecurID, sometimes referred to as SecurID, is a two-factor, public-key encryption authentication technology that is used to protect network resources.Developed by RSA Data Security, SecureID is built around the difficulty of factoring very large numbers. Because of this design, the algorithm uses prime factorization as a foolproof method of stopping brute force attacks.

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