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how to install a dvr security system

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How to install a DVR?

There are some important factors that you should keep in mind while installing DVR, such as The DVR system must be mounted away in a hidden place. The location of the DVR must be near to your system cameras. Mounted close to the WiFi router in case you want to connect your system with the internet.

How do I install a home security camera system?

Home security camera systems typically come with an installation kit and a template for drilling holes to place the camera mount. Drill some pilot holes for the mounting screws and install any mounting pins with a hammer. Finish by screwing the camera mount to the spot you’ve picked for installation.

How do the cameras connect to the DVR box?

All of the cameras connect directly to the DVR box, either using BNC cable for analog camera systems, or ethernet cable for digital systems.

How to setup 24/7/365 Security system with DVR?

For 24/7/365 security system, it is recommended to connect the camera and DVR to the UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply System). Finally, connect the DVR power adopter to the 120V/220V AC supply as shown in fig below. You have done. Check the system if it works properly by viewing the LCD screen which shows the live camera recording.

What are the Tools Required to Install DVR Security Camera System?

To make your DVR security camera system work normally without wiring problems or software issues, you should install it in the correct way.

What is the hardest part of the DVR selection process?

The selection of DVR location is considered the hardest part of the whole process.

Why run security cameras in conduit?

Running security camera wires in conduit or cable Raceway is a reason to increase the camera’s durability and the overall system.

What is the key to success for anything you want to do?

Planning is the key to success for anything you want to do, the same principles of planning you want to implement in installing a DVR system.

Is it important to install a DVR security camera?

Well, installing a DVR security camera system is an important thing that you should learn before purchasing the surveillance devices.

Is a wired camera weather resistant?

If you haven’t such a place, Don’t worry! There are some models of wired cameras now that are weather-resistant cameras.

What is a balun?

Baluns (Converts analog to digital—highly recommended if your system is analog) A power drill with drive bits and spade bits (and some regular drill bits as well) Masking tape (or any kind of tape for that matter) A monitor, mouse, and keyboard. A friend to help out (seriously, this is highly recommended)

How to connect a camera to a hole?

Start by connecting the cable coming out from the hole to the camera itself. Then feed the excess back up into the hole. If you want, you can wrap the connection with electrical tape to secure it so that it doesn’t get unplugged by accident. Advertisement.

How to feed fish tape to a camera?

You can feed the fish tape up into the hole that you just drilled for your camera. Once the fish tape extends far enough into the attic for easier access, tape the end of the cable to the fish tape and pull on the fish tape from the outside to thread the cable through the hole you drilled.

Do you need fish tape for ceilings?

Fish tape will be required to pull cables through all walls and ceilings, and you may end up taping cables to the fish tape, pulling them through, removing them, and repeating the process several times through multiple walls before the cables finally arrive to their destination.

Can you use steel fish tape in the attic?

This is a lot easier to do if you have steel fish tape —it’s very difficult to physically locate yourself around the edge of your attic, since that’s where your roof slopes down and creates a very cramped space to work in. So to solve that, fish tape will be your best friend.

Can you use Linux Bash on Windows?

Use the Linux Bash Shell on Windows

Can I use a wired security camera instead of a Wi-Fi camera?

If you’ve decided to get a wired security camera system instead of a Wi-Fi camera, the setup is a bit more involved, but you’ll end up with a better system in the end. Here’s how to install wired security cameras.

What type of cable is used for home security?

Two kinds of cables are used in home security installations, RG59 coax Siamese cable and plug and play cables.

How to set up wireless camera on computer?

For wireless cameras you’ll need to install the software that comes with it. Follow the instructions to install the software. You may need to hook up a receiver to your computer’s USB port. In most cases you’ll need to type your computer’s IP address to adjust your camera’s settings.

What type of cable is used for surveillance?

Siamese cables are the most commonly used cables for surveillance equipment. The nice thing about these cables is they are attached together and you just need to run a single wire to get your system ready.

How to connect a camera to a power outlet?

Plug the camera power adapter into an electrical socket. Plug one of the ends on the camera and the other end to the power outlet .

What is a good DVR?

A good DVR should support advanced motion detection especially one that works with object masking. With this feature you’ll have an easier time viewing footage.

What is H.264 for DVR?

H.264 is the compression standard used for DVR security systems. H.264 is more efficient than MPEG and MPEG4 as it compresses 3x more data without compromising on the quality. This compression technology works for over the web and live feeds, and it is suitable if you want to preserve storage space.

How much does a security camera power box cost?

Power boxes are sold in hardware stores and online for $30 or so, and it’’s good to have one as it allows you to power the security cameras with one wall outlet. Most power supplies have several ports and are suitable for managing cameras that are not close to a power source.

What is a PoE injector?

PoE Injector – A small device that adds voltage to the Ethernet output, providing a reliable PoE connection that can power the camera and receive data successfully.

How to set up a camera?

Some might want to set up an IP camera surveillance system without using an NVR. Although an NVR makes the system easier to use and control, you can use a PoE-enabled network switch to connect all your cameras as well. Follow the steps below: 1 Connect all the cameras to the network switch of your choice (PoE enabled). 2 Attach this switch to a wired or wireless router. 3 Connect the output device (PC, laptop, etc.) to the same network as the switch mentioned in step B. 4 Install the software provided with the cameras or directly access them by entering their network address into a web browser on your computer (the user manual should specify the ideal method).

What is the name of the cable that connects cameras to the network?

Cables – Cables act as bridges between your cameras and the rest of the surveillance system. One of the most popular kinds of cables is the Siamese Cable , deriving its name from its thick outer cover, which encases two kinds of wires: The RG-59 cable inside it transmits video and the 18/2 cable delivers power.

How to connect a DVR to a monitor?

Depending on your preference and requirements, connect the DVR to a monitor using standard video output cables (HDMI or VGA). Final step. Turn on the power supply and the DVR to check for a steady and live video feed from the connected cameras.

How to avoid people tampering with cameras?

Place all cameras in strategic locations to avoid people tampering or vandalizing them. Plan all your wiring (depending on the type of security system) to conceal as much cabling as possible inside shafts, running them through walls and attics. 2. MPX Analog Camera System.

How to turn on NVR?

Plug the NVR into a power outlet. Connect your NVR to a power supply and turn it on. A few blinking lights should indicate when it successfully starts up.

What is a DVR camera?

First, ensure that you have all the equipment required to install an analog security camera system successfully: DVR (Digital Video Recorder)– The receiver responsible for storing and processing the video feed from your surveillance cameras. They are available in 4, 8, 16 and 32 channel variants.

How to mount a camera stand?

When you get ready to mount your camera stands to your wall or the exterior of your home, grab a pencil and use the stand as a template for where you will need to drill your holes. After carefully marking the spots for the holes, use a drill to mount your camera stands. Make sure that you do not drill through any wires or cables that might be hidden behind your walls.

Why is surveillance important?

Even in the unfortunate event that someone does rob you or otherwise commit a crime against you and your home, having a surveillance system in place can help you to seek justice. By having a surveillance system, you can contact local authorities and give them solid evidence against the person who committed the crime.

How many cameras can a four channel video recorder record?

For instance, a four-channel digital video recorder can only record, store and display footage from four different security cameras at a time. There are various systems out there, so make sure to choose one that you can use with all of your cameras.

Do you have to pay to add a surveillance system to your home?

Once you have installed your first surveillance system and realized just how much better it can make you feel about the safety of your home and family, you are sure to wonder why you waited so long to purchase a system. Not only is it a relatively quick and simple process, but it doesn’t have to cost a lot of money to add a system to your home, and you can provide yourself and your family with a higher level of security by doing so.

Why is coaxial cable more work?

Coaxial cable and power cord wiring means more work because the coaxial cable is a bit harder and more difficult to handle, and plugging the BNC connectors on the coaxial cable is somewhat tedious. As an advantage, the use of this method is often more affordable as a price.

What voltage do surveillance cameras use?

It is important that all surveillance cameras receive 12V DC voltage and have enough amps to operate in day and night. 12V DC (DC) voltage is the voltage used for most cameras on the market. If you have a camera that uses a different voltage, you should be careful to use a power supply with the right voltage.

What is an analog surveillance system?

An analogue surveillance system needs a central node, a technical point where the DVR unit and the power supply will be positioned. At that point all the cables from the cameras will be reached, there will be connections to the DVR and to the power supply.

How many wires are in a UTP cable?

The UTP cable has 4 pairs of 2 wires, which we can use to connect 2 surveillance cameras at the same time. A video camera pair 1, a camera 1 pair, a video camera pair 2, a camera pair 2. We recommend that you do not complicate. Use a UTP cable for each camera.

Where is the DVR mounted?

Most of the time, the DVR is mounted in the same place as the router, a desk, a desk, a metal painting, etc. If you have the option, mount the DVR in the bridge, route all cables through the bridge, and from the DVR you get with a single UTP network cable to the router.

What is a dad connector?

Just like mother connectors, Dad connectors have a +/- rigidity. At this +/- line, you will connect the power wires coming from the +/- rope to the mother connector. -connectors for each camera (2 connectors per camera) The data connectors of a surveillance camera are chosen depending on the cable used.

What happens if your camera voltage is too low?

A voltage too low and the cameras will not have a picture or will have a picture with imperfections. A too high voltage and the cameras will burn. In our surveillance packages you will find a common power supply for all rooms. This way you will have a single socket.

What is DVR?

DVR aslo known as “Digital Video Recorder” is an electronic device which processes the video signals in the recorder and stores in the mass storage i.e. Hard driver or USB flash drive. It is slimier to the VCR and also known as PVR “Personal Video Recorder”.

What is the difference between a DVR and a NVR?

The main difference between the DVR and NVR is that DVR processes the video signal date at the recorder while the NVR encodes the video signal data and process in the camera where the remote viewing and data storage functions performed by NVR recorder. Another difference between DVR and NVR is that analog cameras are needed in DVRs …

How to connect a BNC cable to a camera?

Connect the video and power BNC and cables connectors to theCAMERA ONLY” labeled and power respectively. For tight connection, twist and lock the Camera BNC connectors. In fig, the yellow connector from dome cameras and bullet cameras are connected to the yellow to the DVR and red cable as power connection from camera to the 12V DC power adopter connected to the 120V or 220V AC power supply.

How to connect monitor to laptop?

Connect the Monitor / LCD or PC and laptops through VGA cables. For HD, use the HDMI cables and connect to the PC and DVR HDMI slot in DVR. Now, connect the power adopter to the 120V AC (220V in EU) by connecting the three pin plug of power adopter into three pin socket. For 24/7/365 security system, it is recommended to connect …

Where is the video connector on a DVR?

Connect the video connector labeled as “DVR ONLY” to the rear / back side of DVR in the Camera input slot (s). In fig below, the yellow camera connector by extension wire labeled as “Video to DVR” is shown which can be connected to one of the 16 video input slots in the DVR. In the audio enabled cameras, the white RCA cable should be connected to the audio input slot in DVR to audio signal transmission.

What connector should be used for external microphones?

In case of external speaker, microphones and pickups or camera audio recording, the RCA connector should be connected to the audio input as shown in fig.

What is the chip in a DVR?

The chip inside DVR is used to convert the analog video signals from camera to digital signals and stores in the hard-drive which can be seen and playback the camera recording latter.

How to protect your home from external threats?

If you want to protect your home from external threats, make sure to install the best security camera DVR system, which will help you monitor what is happening nearby. Such cameras often have mobile apps that allow you to watch real-time recordings or save them to cloud storage.

What is the best wireless security camera?

Firstrend 8CH wireless security camera system is one of the best wireless security camera systems around. This type of system offers a high resolution wireless camera that offers night vision capabilities as well. When it comes to wireless security cameras, this is one of the best ones on the market. The reason is because it is very easy to install and use, and it has some great features that make it stand out from the rest.

What is a 4k Poe camera?

The REOLINK 4K Poe wireless IP CCTV camera system is a new camera system for home surveillance that provides the capability to view the camera from any internet connection. If you have multiple cameras you can connect the system to different computers and monitor each of them separately. The camera itself also has an internal motion detector which can determine if there is movement in front or behind it.

How many cameras are there in a surveillance camera system?

This surveillance camera system consists of a single DVR (Digital Video Recorder) at the base, as well as eight "hot" or remote camera s spread around four locations. You are able to view the camera streams through a desktop computer (PC), laptop, smart phone, or other net-based device. The beauty of this system is that it does not require any video stream connection, such as USB, FireWire, or wireless. Instead, all of the data goes straight from your computer’s memory over to the DVR at the base.

What is an Oossxx 8 channel camera?

The Oossxx 8 channel NVR HD security camera is capable of capturing high resolution video and audio. It will have a built in DVR that will allow you to record any and all activities taking place around your property. This system comes with a remote control that makes it easy to operate this camera from any location. A wireless remote will be included with this camera, so you do not need wires or anything to connect it to your home security system. The Oossxx8 is ideal for monitoring and recording outdoor activities.

What band do I need to buy a camera?

If you want to buy a camera that supports a Wi-Fi connection, think about whether you need to use the 2.4 GHz or 5 GHz band. While most devices operate on a 2.4GHz band, 5GHz is gaining popularity nowadays. In the United States, 30,000 5G infrastructure sites have been built since 2015, or 4.7 sites for every 10,000 people.

How to store video recordings locally?

There are two types of storage, local and cloud. For storing your files locally, you can use a micro-SD card or an external hard drive. The recordings taken by your camera will be saved to the drive. If your device supports Cloud storage, then the footage will be automatically uploaded to the cloud server. In some cases, you might need to pay for a subscription. It’s better to use a camera that comes with both types of storage, which reduces the risk of losing recorded material.

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