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how to disable bitdefender total security 2018

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How to turn off or disable Bitdefender temporarily?

If you bought Bitdefender with a different email you use to log into Central,follow these steps:Go to the Bitdefender 2Checkout account,an authorized vendor for Bitdefender products.Select the “My Products” tab.Click on “Stop automatic subscription renewal” on every active subscription.A pop-up window will appear,asking to confirm the selection. …Choose or enter a reason for canceling auto-renewal.Select “Stop auto-renewal” again.

How to temp disable Bitdefender?

How do I turn off Bitdefender temporarily 2021?Open your device.Click on Bitdefender icon from the desktop.Your Bitdefender dashboard will appear on the screen.Click on Protection window.Go to Shield Tab.Turn off Bitdefender Shield.You will be asked about the disabling period.

How to uninstall Bitdefender from a Windows PC?

In Windows 7:Click Start,go to Control Panel and double-click Programs and Features.Find Bitdefender and select Uninstall.Click Remove in the window that appears,and then select according to your situation: I want to reinstall it or I want to permanently remove it.Click Next to continue.

How do I temporarily disable Bitdefender in Windows?

How do I turn Windows Defender off?Click on your Windows Start menu.Select ‘Settings’Click ‘Update Security’Select ‘Windows Security’Choose ‘Virus threat protection’Click ‘Virus threat protection settings’Turn Real-time protection ‘Off’

How to Disable Bitdefender Temporarily

If your Bitdefender interferes with an application you want to install or use, you’ll need to disable it temporarily. Fortunately, the Bitdefender Total Security app allows you to do that effortlessly. Here’s how it works:

How to Disable Bitdefender Permanently

Bitdefender offers an option to disable the app permanently if necessary. Naturally, this is not recommended, but if you’re trying to test a different antivirus, you might need Bitdefender off for much longer.

How to Disable Bitdefender VPN

When you purchase Bitdefender Total Security, a VPN is a part of the package. However, the service offers only 200MB per day, and if you want unlimited access, Bitdefender offers a separate subscription.

How to Disable Bitdefender Endpoint Security Tools

The Endpoint Security Tools in your antivirus system is meant to integrate additional features and protections from threats caused by human error and sophisticated malicious attacks.

How to Disable Bitdefender Safepay

Staying safe online when using banking tools and shopping is essential but not always easy. If you have a Bitdefender license, you can use the Safepay browser to complete these activities without worry.

How to Disable Bitdefender Auto-Renewal

Bitdefender offers several subscription plans to their users, all charged annually. You can get Bitdefender for a single device or use it across five devices.

Manage Your Bitdefender Successfully

It’s hard to imagine having any online experience without an efficient antivirus system. Bitdefender does a great of protecting your data, blocking spam, and keeping those phishing attacks at bay.

How to uninstall Bitdefender on Windows 10?

In Windows 10, go to Start and Settings, click on Apps and choose Uninstall when you find BitDefender. In Windows 7 and 8, you’ll uninstall under Programs and Features in the Control Panel. For permanent BitDefender shutdown on a Mac device, open your Finder and select Go from the top menu bar.

How to disable Bitdefender antivirus?

However, there may be an instance or two when you need to disable your antivirus. To launch a BitDefender shutdown, you’ll need to open the Protection window and toggle options in several windows to the Off or Disable position, then turn them all back on once you’re ready to protect your computer again.

Why does Bitdefender keep turning off?

To reenable it, reverse the steps you used to disable BitDefender to enable all of the modules you disabled. If you think you’ll be doing this frequently, it may help to make note of everything you disable to know what to reenable and disable.

How to turn off Bitdefender?

Choose Settings under Antivirus. Choose the Shield tab, then click on the switch next to BitDefender Shield to turn it off. When prompted, choose either Permanently or Until System Restart, then OK. This will disable BitDefender until you enable it.

How to turn off phishing protection?

Go to Protection Features and look for the Online Threat Prevention module. There, you’ll need to click on Web Protection and turn off Web Attack Prevention, Search Advisor, Encrypted Web Scan, Fraud Protection and Phishing Protection. Also turn Network Threat Prevention off. Under Protection Features, you’ll also need to disable Firewall, Advanced Threat Defense, Antispam, Vulnerability, Safe Files and Ransomware Remediation.

Can Bitdefender be shut down?

Unfortunately, BitDefender doesn’t have a one-click close feature, which means you’ll have to turn a number of things off to fully disable the application.

How to disable SSL certificate scanning on Bitdefender?

Run the Antivirus, Go to the Protection tab, and click on the Settings option given under the Online Threat Prevention. From the Online Threat Prevention’s Web Protection menu got to Encrypted Web Scan and toggle the blue color button to disable the SSL certificate scanning on Bitdefender 2019 Antivirus security.

How to see all the applications that Bitdefender blocked?

Just below that the Application access option is given, click on that. When you click on the Application option you will see all the allowed and blocked applications by the Bitdefender total security 2018. Click on the application which you blocked by the Bitdefender. And then click on the View application rules.

How to turn off scan SSL?

Under the Web Protection Settings, click on the Scan SSL toggle button to turn it off.

What happens if Bitdefender blocks Chrome?

If Bitdefender blocks applications like Google chrome from accessing the Internet connection, then you have to allow or whitelist that particular application in the Bitdefender. Here are the steps to doing that…

How to turn off SSL scan in Bitdefender?

After that, you will have all the protection features of Bitdefender. Now click on the settings gear icon given under the Web protection. Under the Web Protection Settings, click on the Scan SSL toggle button to turn it off. As soon as you disable the SSL scan …

What are the options that Bitdefender blocks?

From Rules, you will see a few options under the application which are blocking by Bitdefender such as Network, Protocol, Traffic, Ports, IP, and Access. Just below the Access click the toggle button to allow or block the application or chrome browser.

Why does Google automatically send information to Google?

Automatically send some system information and page content to Google to help detect dangerous apps and sites.

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