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how to connect security cameras to your phone

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Whether you own an iPhone,a Samsung Galaxy,an LG,a Google Pixel,or other types of phones,here’s what you need to do to connect our security cameras to your mobile phone:Install our security camera mobile app on your deviceLaunch the surveillance app and add your security camera (s)Click the security camera (s) linked to your cell phone and enjoy live viewingSet custom surveillance configurations like motion detection mode,upload path,alerts frequency,and others to meet your specific surveillance monitoring needs.

How to turn an iPhone into a home security camera?

Turn Old iPhone into IP Camera Step-by-Step GuideDownload the iPhone CCTV camera app from App Store,and install it on both iOS devices. …Log into the iPhone security camera app on both iPhones and iPads,and make sure you log in with the same account.Mount your iPhone security camera or iPad 2/3/mini security camera in the most appropriate location.More items…

How to use a smartphone as a home security camera?

View your mobile camera in the browser or in a video surveillance software,such as – Security Monitor Pro and IP Camera Viewer.No USB cable is required for connection.Choose ‘Wi-Fi’,‘Mobile hotspot’ or ‘Mobile Data’ to connect with your PCSupport for ONVIF IP cameras.Control how and when your phone’s screen should stay on. …More items…

How do you turn a webcam into a security camera?

The 5 Best Software to Convert your WebCam into a Security CameraiSpyconnect. iSpy is an open source software and is one of the leading names in the surveillance niche. …Ivideon. Ivideon is another software that I found highly effective in converting your computer’s webcam to a security camera.Contacam. This list would be incomplete without mentioning Contacam. …NetCam Studio. …Yawcam. …

How to connect a microphone to a security camera system?

Alternatively you can use a PoE splitter with a 1-to-2 DC power splitter.Connect the PoE cable for the camera to the PoE splitter. Then connect the PoE splitter to the 1-to-2 DC power splitter.Connect the camera and microphone to the DC power splitter connectors.Connect the RJ45 jack coming from the PoE splitter into the pigtail on the camera.

What are the features of a remote?

Here are the top features you need for superior remote viewing on the phone: 1 High Resolution for High-Quality Images – 2MP (1080p) has been the standard for the last few years, but we recommend all cameras capable of 4MP (1440p) resolution and higher. 2 A Recorder with H.265 video compression – Ensures efficient video streaming and the most manageable file sizes to maximize your video storage space. 3 Excellent Infrared Night Vision – This will allow you to see what’s going on indoors or outdoors, even in complete darkness. Be sure to check the number of LED lights that come with the security cameras to be linked to your phone, the viewing angle, and the night vision range. 4 Easy App Navigation – The mobile app should be easy to use and navigate, or else you’ll have trouble viewing security cameras connected to your cell phone live. You can link your smartphone or tablet to CCTV Security Pros recorders by simply scanning a QR code. 5 Seamless Phone Connectivity – Sometimes, viewing security cameras live on your cell phone may cause network interference on your phone. Check whether the app offers different viewing modes to suit network conditions.

What resolution do security cameras need?

High Resolution for High-Quality Images – 2MP (1080p) has been the standard for the last few years, but we recommend all cameras capable of 4MP (1440p) resolution and higher.

What is the best resolution for a camera?

High Resolution for High-Quality Images – 2MP (1080p) has been the standard for the last few years, but we recommend all cameras capable of 4MP (1440p) resolution and higher.

What to look for in security cameras?

The key thing to look out for in security cameras that connect to your phone is the remote viewing functionality. With this function, cameras can be linked to devices such as smartphones, tablets, and computers.

Why do business owners not travel?

Business owners do not have the same freedom of traveling for work or pleasure as those who work for others do. Instead of simply asking for time off and arranging your trip, you have to worry about your business while you are away. Many business owners actually avoid taking trips because they are afraid of what they will happen while they are away. Employees are notorious for slacking off when they know that their boss is out of town, and you might have to worry about employees dipping their hands in your cash register or taking some of your stock or supplies. However, you can monitor all of this activity if you connect your security camera to your smartphone.

How has surveillance technology changed over the years?

Just as other technology has changed over the years, surveillance camera technology has also improved drastically in the last several years. Gone are the days of grainy and scratchy black-and-white videos and huge, bulky cameras. Nowadays, you can see everything in a beautiful, full-color picture, and you can watch your surveillance footage on a large, flat-screen monitor. Cameras have also improved over the years, and many of them are so tiny that they can be hidden. Even larger cameras have more capabilities, and many of them are waterproof, weather resistant and vandal-proof. This allows you to use the same cameras in tons of situations, and they can last for many years if you take good care of them.

How important are security cameras?

Although you should not give up on the usefulness of a good burglar alarm and other security measures, incorporating several security cameras into your security system can make a world of difference. Not only will you be able to monitor different areas of your home or business from one room, but you will have video evidence in the unfortunate case that someone robs your home or business or commits another type of crime.

How to protect yourself from burglars while on vacation?

First of all, make sure that you ask a neighbor or friend to pick up your mail and your newspapers while you are away, and consider leaving a few lights and a television on so that potential burglars will think that someone is home. Setting a burglar alarm is also a great idea, and make sure that all of your windows and doors are securely locked. Also, remember to never make it public information that you will be away from home. Telling people in line at the grocery store or posting this information on your Facebook page can have horrible results, so wait to brag about your vacation until you get back in town. Otherwise, those who know that you are away might think that they have found the perfect opportunity to rob your home.

Can you watch surveillance on your phone?

Nothing has to change if you don’t want it to, and you only have to watch your surveillance footage on your cell phone when you want to.

Can you pick up your phone and tune in to your footage?

Any time that you worry about the condition of your business or about the activities of your employees, you can pick up your smartphone and tune in to your footage, even during the middle of the night.

Can you monitor different areas of your home?

Not only will you be able to monitor different areas of your home or business from one room, but you will have video evidence in the unfortunate case that someone robs your home or business or commits another type of crime.

Method1: How to Connect a Wireless Security Camera to Phone by Using Ethernet cable

Before we start connecting wireless security cameras to phone steps, you’ll need to make sure that your security camera is wireless with a strong antenna and has an Ethernet port.

Method2: How to Connect Your Wireless Security Camera to Your Phone Without Ethernet Cable

The second method in how to connect wireless security camera to phone is done by using the wifi of the router directly without needing to run cables between the cam and the router.

Method3: The Best Way to Connect a Wireless Security Camera to Your Phone For Beginners

In case you find the previous 2 methods are difficult and you want to connect wireless security camera to phone with easy and simple steps, then this method will be suitable for you.

How to Make Sure the Wireless Security Camera is Connected Properly to the Phone

To ensure that your security camera is connected to your phone and working without any problems, perform the following steps:


In the end, You’ll learn everything in detail about how to connect wireless security camera to phone and see the camera feeds live.

What can you do with a camera zone?

You can create zones that focus your camera on the most important areas within its view —your front walkway but not the sidewalk behind it, for example. You can then be alerted when motion is detected in these zones.

How to turn on Activity Notifications on iPhone?

Tap Notifications, then turn on Activity Notifications.

How to allow other people to view video on my camera?

To allow other people to view video from your cameras, follow these steps: Tap . Tap Home Settings, then below the People heading, tap a person. Tap Cameras, then choose an option. To learn how to allow other people to view video from your cameras, see Allow others to control accessories in your home.

How many cameras can you use with Homekit?

If you subscribe to iCloud+, you can view the last 10 days of activity from one to an unlimited number of HomeKit Secure Video cameras. The 50 GB iCloud+ plan supports a single camera, the 200 GB iCloud+ plan supports up to five cameras, and the 2 TB iCloud+ plan supports an unlimited number of cameras.

When do you receive notifications on a camera?

Notifications: Choose to receive notifications when the camera detects activity, changes status, or goes offline.

What are the options for streaming and recording?

Streaming & Recording: Options include Off, Detect Activity, Stream, and Stream & Allow Recording. You can create separate settings for when you’re home and when you’re away. For example, when you’re home, you might choose to stop streaming and recording for a camera inside your home, but continue to stream and record from an outdoor camera. …

What happens when you choose specific motion?

When you choose Specific Motion, video recording is triggered by the motion of people, animals, or vehicles. Tip: Choosing a specific motion, rather than any motion, results in fewer clips (and fewer clip notifications) and less video to review. For example, choose People, and your camera won’t capture the movement of leaves on a tree …

What Tools Do I Need to Connect Security Cameras to a Mobile Phone

To view security cameras on Phone you may need 3 particular tools to stream your security cam to your cell phone and view live feeds remotely. These components are as following:

How To View Security Cameras on Phone

In below is the detail of How to View Security Cameras on Phone, so be focused and read every word carefully.


In the End, View the security cameras on phone is beneficial as you can keep an eye on your business and home remotely. It provides you convenience as well as peace of mind.

How to view security cameras from the internet?

To view security cameras from the internet, you have to configure port forwarding rules on your router to allow data to pass through its firewall and reach the camera recorder . Port forwarding is not necessary if you want to view the security camera system from the local network only, or if you would like to use the Peer-to-Peer (P2P) …

What is P2P port forwarding?

P2P or Port Forwarding? When you use P2P networking such as scanning a QR code in to your mobile app to connect to your DVR, you are relying on a cloud server that’s being shared by several customers. While P2P makes things simpler there are potential privacy and security risks. Purchasing a networking support session for remote support allows our knowledgable technicians to set up port forwarding for you. Port forwarding provides a secure direct connection from your phone to your DVR and is highly recommended.

What port is used for DVR?

If you changed the TCP port number in your DVR or NVR, then you need to update the port number displayed in the IP/Domain screen in the app as it will default to 37777. In this case, we changed our TCP port to 45777 in our DVR and then updated the app’s IP/Domain screen to display Port: 45777 when creating this entry. Next, click Start Live Preview to view your system.

What is the default port number for a TCP port?

If you kept the default TCP port number (37777) in place, then you are done configuring the device entries in the app. If you are using a custom TCP, continue to steps 9 and 10.

What is the default TCP port for DVR?

The default TCP is 37777, and this can remain in place as long as you have not changed your default TCP port. Next, type in the DVR’s username and password, and select Start Live Preview to view your system.

How to view your system remotely?

For viewing your system remotely with custom ports you first need to fill out the appropriate device credentials using your external IP address . Next, you need to update the default port (as you did in Step 9) to display the custom port number you’re using. In this case, the custom TCP port is 45777, indicated below. Lastly, select Start Live Preview to view your system remotely.

Does my router block my DVR ports?

By default, your router or firewall will block the ports that the DVR or NVR uses to communicate. This is not a flaw. It’s basic network security. We have a number of guides on how to configure port forwarding on your own router. We recommend you read Port Forwarding for Your Security DVR/NVR System to understand basic computer networking …

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