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how old to get social security

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  • What is the best age to start taking social security?

  • Even though you can begin benefits as early as 62, that doesn’t mean you should start taking them at that age. Although age 62 is the earliest Social Security retirement age, you can begin benefits you will receive a reduced benefit at this age.

  • What is my Social Security retirement eligibility age?

  • What Is My Social Security Retirement Eligibility Age? 1 Social Security Retirement Age 60, If You Are a Widow/Widower. 2 Earliest Normal Social Security Eligibility Age Is 62. 3 Full Retirement Age (Age 65-67 Depending on Date of Birth) Your full retirement age is determined by… 4 Age 70 – Wait and Accumulate Delayed Retirement Credits.

  • Can You claim Social Security benefits after age 70?

  • You can claim benefits later than 70, but there鈥檚 no financial reason to do so. Delayed retirement credits stop, and your payment tops out, at that age. What is the maximum Social Security benefit?

  • Can a 12 year old get a Social Security number?

  • Children age 12 or older: Anyone age 12 or older who requests an original Social Security number must appear in person for an interview, even if a parent or guardian will sign the application on the child鈥檚 behalf.

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