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how can you figure out your social security number

how can you figure out your social security number插图

How to Find Your Social Security Number OnlineLog onto the Correct Website Log onto GovSSNRecords.org. …Fill out an Application Log onto the Social Security Administration’s website. …Sign and Mail the Application Sign the bottom of the application and either mail it or hand deliver it with the required documentation to your local Social Security office. …Log onto the U.S. Search Website Log onto the U.S. Search website. …

How do I find someone’s Social Security number?

5 Ways to Find Someone Using Social Security Number Filing a Formal Request at Social Security Administration. This method is a tricky one. … Checking the status of websites. This is the common resort that you can take when the authority does not help you. … Using a Private Investigator. … Personal Digging. … Formal Petition from Court. …

What are the requirements to get a Social Security number?

Employee identification card.School identification card.Health insurance card (not a Medicare card).U.S. military identification card.

How to check your Social Security number?

Use the steps below to obtain the lost details:Visit the nearest NSSF branch: NSSF has branches in every corner of the country. Identify the nearest branch or any Huduma Center and visit it during working hours. …Explain your situation to one of the NSSF tellers: Tell him/her that you cannot access your account number information. …Visit the NSSF Self Service Portal: Use the official address.More items…

How do you report your Social Security number?

Report the theft of the Social Security number to the IRS (link is external), or you can call 1-800-908-4490. Additional detailed information is available via this web page and the video recording of a recent town hall.

How to get a replacement Social Security card?

1. Request a replacement card online if you qualify. Requesting a card online is the easiest way to get a replacement Social Security card, but not everyone qualifies. You must be a US citizen 18 or older with a US mailing address and have a driver’s license or state-issued ID from a participating state.

What to do if you can’t remember your social security number?

If you’re outside the US and can’t remember your Social Security number, contact the Federal Benefits Unit (FBU) nearest you. Check https://www.ssa.gov/foreign/foreign.htm for locations. You can also get assistance from the nearest US embassy or consulate.

Why do banks hide my social security number?

For security reasons, banks and credit card companies typically obscure your Social Security number. You may see it listed, but only the last 4 digits are visible. If you previously memorized the number, those last 4 digits may be enough to jog your memory.

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Where to go to apply for Social Security?

Visit the nearest Social Security office. Take your documents and your completed application to the Social Security office most convenient to you. If you’re away from home, you can go to a local office — you’re not required to go to an office near your permanent residence.

Is it important to know your social security number?

Make an effort to commit your Social Security number to memory. Knowing your Social Security number by heart is more important than having a physical card. [14]

Do you have to provide your Social Security number when opening a credit card?

You had to provide your Social Security number when you opened any credit cards or bank accounts you may have. Statements or records for these may include your Social Security number. However, it’s less likely that you’ll find your Social Security number here than on tax documents.

How many digits are there in a SSN?

In some cases, they were able to predict the entire nine-digit SSN number on the first attempt. The odds of that happening randomly would be nearly one in a billion, Dr. Acquisti says.

How many possibilities are there for a SSN?

Once the identity of a SSN can be narrowed to a range of, say, 10,000 possibilities, a network of computers controlled by a fraudster could easily make enough accurate guesses to fool websites that required a valid SSN. In many cases, only a name, date of birth, and SSN are needed to open a credit card account, Acquisti says.

Why are SSNs used at the same time?

The problem with SSNs, as other researchers have pointed out, is that they are used at the same time for two purposes: to be a public identifier as well as a private password. In essence, they serve as both the name of the account and the password rolled into one.

How does monitor journalism change lives?

Monitor journalism changes lives because we open that too-small box that most people think they live in. We believe news can and should expand a sense of identity and possibility beyond narrow conventional expectations.

How many people have made their birth dates public?

At least 10 million US residents, they estimate, have made their birth dates publicly available or easy to infer in online profiles. These can appear many places online, including Facebook or other social networking sites.

Who said the government forces Americans to place a “perilous reliance” on SSNs to establish their?

Alesssandro Acquisti and Ralph Gross say that the government forces Americans to place a “perilous reliance” on SSNs to establish their identities while giving them the “impossible duty” of trying to protect their number.

Can SSNs be blacklisted?

But that will be of no help to the millions of Americans who already possess “predictable” SSNs. What’s worse, unlike other passwords, SSNs can’t be easily changed or blacklisted. The study also shows how publicly available data online can be “mined” from various sources and aggregated to reveal new information.

What If Someone Steals My Social Security Number?

All of this is of course very interesting, but let’s bring it back to the point of this article: what if some bad guy steals, obtains, guesses at, or otherwise gets hold of your Social Security Number? As it happens, all kinds of bad things!

What does it mean when the IRS sends a letter to your SSN?

Assuming you haven’t had any tax woes, receiving a letter from the IRS may indicate something is happening with your SSN.

What are the major credit reporting agencies?

There are three major credit reporting agencies in the United States: Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion. They each have slightly different methodologies and scoring programs, but they all more or less provide the same service.

What does it mean when you get turned down for a new line of credit?

If you’re applying for a new line of credit and get turned down, this could mean that there are fraudulent accounts or activities that are affecting your credit score.

How to catch unauthorized activity?

The most common way to catch unauthorized activity is by checking your credit information. If an account appears that you did not initiate, someone is using your Social Security number.

How to find out if someone filed taxes with my Social Security number?

Get a Tax Transcript. Another way of detecting activity on your Social Security number is to request your most recent tax transcript. If someone has filed tax documents using your Social Security Number, the transcript will show activity that you know you didn’t originate, and you’ll have a definite answer.

What is identity theft?

Identity theft is a crime that strikes at the heart of a modern citizen’s wealth, employment, social services, and more. Our identity – specifically, the electronically-encoded identity that serves as the gateway to our bank accounts, to our home security systems, to our e-mail and network resources – can be stolen by unscrupulous people and used for crimes great and small.

What is the last 4 digits of your SSN?

Or your private information. Since the last four digits of your SSN are used as a de facto password, they’re all hackers need to get access to your accounts. Increasingly, it’s the last four digits of your credit card that’s becoming your password, as Mat Honan discovered recently.

Why are the last four numbers of your SSN irrelevant?

There is a sense in which this entire discussion is irrelevant: because the last four numbers of your SSN are what businesses ask for, they are all that a criminal sometimes needs to use your cash or credit.

Why do people ask insecure questions?

If you read this blog regularly, you know that the main purpose of insecurity questions is to help hackers get into your account. This is a testable theory. For example, one of the drawbacks, as far as hackers are concerned, is that the number of answers is unlimited. While it’s likely to be pretty easy to guess what your favorite dog breed is just by watching your Facebook feed, it’s possible that you use an odd spelling, or don’t know what your dog’s breed actually is.

Why do companies ask for only the last 4 digits of Social Security?

Because of identity theft and privacy concerns, many businesses ask for only the last four digits of our Social Security numbers. There seems to be an assumption that only four digits of a nine-digit-number shouldn’t be a concern.

How many combinations can a hacker have?

While the researchers couldn’t usually determine the exact numbers of their subjects, they were able to eliminate enough that a hacker would have only 9 or 99 or 999 possible combinations to try, a problem easily solved with a brute-force attack.

What happens when you give out your last 4 digits?

When you give out the last four digits of your Social Security number, you are giving out what is probably the least-easily determined part of it. Once a criminal has the last four, if they truly want your identity (as opposed to just anybody’s identity), they ought to be able to bring down the total possibilities to no more than several hundred.

What is the middle number of a social security number?

The middle two digits are the “group number”. This is probably more difficult to determine, but they are distributed in a pattern. In any case there are only 99 of them, usually less. For any specific area code, the Social Security Administration publishes the highest group number used.

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