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how can i secure my linksys wireless router

how can i secure my linksys wireless router插图

How to make sure my router is secure?

Avoid using routers supplied by ISPs. …Change the default admin password. …The router’s web-based management interface should not be reachable from the internet. …Even inside the LAN,it’s good to restrict which IP (Internet Protocol) addresses can manage the router. …Turn on HTTPS access to the router interface,if available,and always log out when done. …More items…

How to make sure your wireless router is secure?

Specific instructions vary from one router to another,but the basic idea is this:All wireless routers have a numerical address. …In Security Settings,create a name for the router,and a password,and then select a type of encryption,like WAP2. …Make sure you choose a complex password that you can remember,but one that’s not easy to guess.Don’t forget to save the updated information when prompted. …

How to change security password on Linksys router?

How to Keep a Linksys Router SecureLogin. Open a new web browser. …Picking a Strong Password. Wherever possible,you should pick a password that is impossible to guess and is also resistant to brute-force attacks.Change Network Password. After logging in the router’s user interface,click the Wireless tab then click the Wireless Security sub-tab.Keeping Your Password Secure

How to configure Linksys wireless router?

Part 2 Part 2 of 4: Setting up a Wireless NetworkCheck your Internet settings. In the Internet,Setup,or Home menu of your router,check that your Internet IP address,DCHP,and DNS settings are all set.Open the Wireless settings. This menu may be called Wireless,Wireless Settings,Basic Setup,or something similar.Name your network. …Choose your wireless encryption. …Choose a passphrase. …More items…

Why is it important to secure your Linksys router?

Setting up security for your Linksys router can help prevent third parties from stealing your bandwidth, conducting illegal activity over your network, stealing your personal information, and infecting your network with malicious threats. If you own a Linksys router, you can secure it by either enabling a wireless security password, …

How to secure Linksys router?

If you own a Linksys router, you can secure it by either enabling a wireless security password, enabling a wireless media access control (MAC) filter, or by disabling the service set identifier (SSID) broadcast of the router. Steps.

What is the default IP address for Linksys router?

By default, the IP address of your Linksys router will be “,” unless you have changed it from the default setting.

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How to see all devices connected to your network?

Click on “Wireless Client List.” A list of all computers and devices currently connected to your network will display on-screen.

How to enter IP address on router?

Type the IP address of your router into the address bar of the Internet browser and press “Enter.”

How to restrict access to MAC address?

Enable the MAC filter settings for your wireless router , to restrict access to your network. Only devices with MAC addresses that are included in the router MAC list will be able to access the Internet through your network. You need to add the MAC addresses for connecting devices, to the network. You can either restrict access for certain addresses or allow only some to log in. Click on ‘Edit MAC Address Filter List’ to add or delete addresses.

How to access configuration settings on a router?

This address is different for routers of different brands. Connect to the Internet on your PC and type in the following web address – ‘’. This will open up the settings menu of your router.

What is the best IP address for security?

For maximum security, it is best to opt for static IP addresses. You will have to enter all the IP address details that are specific to your ISP. It will include the subnet mask address, gateway address, and IP address. Enable DHCP server in the network settings below and also set a maximum number of DHCP users.

Can you change SSID name from Linksys?

Change the SSID name from Linksys to something else for security reasons. It would be best if you disable wireless SSID broadcasts.

Is my wireless network protected from hacking?

You can rest assured that your wireless network is insulated from hacking attacks if you follow the simple steps listed above.

What is the best way to protect communications from eavesdroppers?

Encrypting the information that is transmitted through the air is the best way to protect communications from eavesdroppers. The two main types of encryption are Wi-Fi Protected Access (WPA) and Wired Equivalent Privacy (WEP). WPA2 is the best choice but many older routers do not have this option. If your router doesn’t have WPA2, you should upgrade.

What type of characters should passwords have?

Passwords should have lots of different character types: upper and lower case letters, numbers, and symbols.

What is dual band router?

If your router is dual-band, meaning it has a 2.4 and a 5 GHz network you may need to repeat the steps listed above for each network because each network may be controlled individually. You must use different network names for each band.

How to replace letters with symbols?

Replacing letters with symbols is a simple way to achieve this: use @ for a, and ( for c, as example.

Is a password a personal account?

Passwords are personal, most services have a way to create a ‘linked’ account or share services with trusted friends and family.

Do older routers have manual settings?

Some router models, especially the older versions do not have the Manual option and you may require to scroll down the page until you see the Wireless Security section instead.

Can you keep the same password forever?

Don’t keep the same password forever. Assume that, at some point, it will be guessed, seen, or otherwise compromised, and it must be changed.

How to find the IP address of a router?

Open your Internet browser and enter the IP address assigned to your router . Major manufacturers assign different default IP addresses to their routers. For example, Netgear routers use while Linksys uses Consult your manual for details.

How to set SSID?

Set your Service Set Identificatier (SSID) by typing it into the box. This is the name of your wireless network. Make it a unique phrase (like a nickname); the default SSID is usually the name of the router manufacturer, such as Netgear or Belkin.

What is a wireless router?

Your wireless router transmits and receives data from the modem and computers connected to the network. Because the network is wireless, any computer within range of the router’s signal can piggyback onto your wireless connection, using your bandwidth and potentially accessing your personal data. The instructions below may be used as guidelines, however, check your router’s manual for specific instructions for your router’s make and model.

What is WPA 2.0?

Set your wireless network’s security protocol to WPA 2.0 — Wi-Fi Protected Access. This encrypts any data sent over the network and allows access only to users who have the security key. Set your security key as something not easily guessed. A string of random numbers and letters is recommended. Be sure to record this security key in a safe place so you can recall it when adding a new device to your network or changing network security settings.

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