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does the federal shutdown affect social security

does the federal shutdown affect social security插图

Not affected

What is impact of possible government shutdown?

Shutdowns cause the disruption of government services and programs, including the closure of national parks and institutions (in particular, due to shortages of federal employees).

What does the government shutdown mean for SSI, SSDI?

What Does the Government Shutdown Mean for SSI, SSDI? The good news up front: Individuals receiving Social Security and Supplemental Security Income as well as those receiving Social Security Disability Insurance will continue to receive benefits with no change in payment dates.

Which agencies would a government shutdown affect?

While some essential work, such as mail delivery and law enforcement, is still being performed, the shutdown has affected operations at nine departments, including Homeland Security, Justice, State…

How does the government shutdown affect the IRS?

The government shutdown does affect the IRS, but even without a full staff, the IRS continues to perform certain basic functions, including processing some tax returns, maintaining computer systems, criminal investigations and activities that protect government property.

What Is A Government Shutdown?

In short, a government shutdown occurs when the Federal government does not have enough money to continue operating and paying federal employees. Government agencies are funded through spending bills passed by Congress. Most budget bills passed by Congress include enough funding to operate the government for a couple of years. However, in some cases, temporary funding bills are passed to keep the government open for only a few weeks.

What Does The Government Shutdown Mean for SSI & SSDI?

As previously stated, existing Supplemental Security Income payments, Social Security disability benefits, and retirement benefit payments are usually not affected when the government shuts down. Similarly, if you have a hearing already scheduled with an administrative law judge, that hearing will likely take place as scheduled. However, support personnel are often placed on furlough, so that means that your hearing office will be low on staff. Hearings will be limited to the claimant, judge, vocational expert, security staff, and very essential personnel.

Are Social Security Offices Open During a Government Shutdown?

In most cases, local Social Security offices will either close or have very limited staff during a shutdown. In many cases, local offices are already closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic until further notice. The coronavirus has already caused many services to be shifted from traditional in-person processing to online services.

How long does a government shutdown last?

A government shutdown can last anywhere from a day or two to months. It can either be a partial government shutdown or a full shutdown. There is no set timeframe for when a shutdown ends. It will last until Congress approves a new budget bill that provides funding for the agencies that have closed. In most cases, a shutdown lasts no more than a couple of weeks, although some have gone longer than that.

What is shutdown government?

In short, a government shutdown occurs when the Federal government does not have enough money to continue operating and paying federal employees. Government agencies are funded through spending bills passed by Congress. Most budget bills passed by Congress include enough funding to operate the government for a couple of years. However, in some cases, temporary funding bills are passed to keep the government open for only a few weeks.

What happens when the federal budget expires?

When the current budget bill expires, the Federal government is not authorized to spend the money to keep paying its employees. So, federal agencies like the Social Security Administration (SSA) and others essentially run out of money to operate. Non-essential services typically shut down immediately, while essential services like Medicare and Social Security try to operate with reduced staff or limited service.

Is Social Security still paid during shutdown?

Thankfully, Social Security is considered an essential service, and it is typically not as affected by a shutdown as other agencies. For example, the national parks, Environmental Protection Agency, Housing and Urban Development, and others usually are required to stop working completely. However, Social Security payments like SSI, SSDI, and retirement benefits are still paid during a shutdown. Even though payments are still sent, new applications and hearings may not be processed.

Why is the postal service protected during shutdown?

Postal Service or air traffic controllers are treated during a shutdown. Because mail delivery and safe airways are essential to keeping the nation running smoothly, they are protected from the significant shuttering applied to other programs that are deemed "non-essential" like the National Park Service.

Where does Social Security money come from?

The money that funds the nation’s Social Security program comes from the Social Security Trust Fund, an independent trust that is managed by the Social Security Administration.

Is Social Security affected by the shutdown?

Because social security payments are necessary for the well-being of America’s retirees, it is not affected by the government shutdown.

What is it called when the government fails to pass its spending bills?

When that happens, Congress generally passes what’s called "continuing resolutions ," which allow the government to continue to spend money until Congress passes the spending bills.

When is the debt ceiling going to be raised?

Critical deadlines are coming up for the federal government to approve funding for government operations for 2021-2022 and to raise the limit on the government’s spending ability (the "debt ceiling").

Is Social Security spending mandatory?

But Social Security spending is considered "mandatory," and the Social Security Administration doesn’t rely on an annual spending bill for its funding. This means that Social Security will continue to send benefit checks and process new claims for Social Security benefits, even if the federal government "shuts down."

What is the SSA contingency plan?

The Social Security Administration (SSA)’s contingency plan says it will “continue activities critical to our direct-service operations and those needed to ensure accurate and timely payment of benefits.” But the agency would pause activities “not directly related to the accurate and timely payment of benefits or not critical to our direct-service operations.”

Is the SSA still updating its contingency plan?

Contingency plans can be updated, but the SSA plan, dated Sept. 24, says operations still slated to continue are applications for benefits, address changes and the issuance of original and replacement Social Security cards. Roughly 54,000 workers of SSA’s approximately 63,000 staffers will be exempted from furlough, the document said.

Will the shutdown affect Medicare?

Any shutdown “will have little, if any, impact on beneficiaries getting their checks,” said Max Richtman, president and CEO of the National Committee to Preserve Social Security and Medicare.

Is the IRS behind the 8 ball?

The IRS has been behind the eight ball since it had to temporarily close offices during the pandemic’s early months, distribute stimulus checks and also adjust for new tax rules from Congress in the course of this tax season.

Is the IRS still doing the activities necessary for the payment of refunds?

But “activities necessary for the payment of refunds” are one of the IRS duties that will continue, according to a Treasury Department document spelling out IRS operations during any shutdown.

Will federal workers get their paychecks at the same time?

Many federal workers will keep coming into work despite any shutdown — but that doesn’t mean they are going to get their paycheck at the same time.

Who is the second Democrat in the House of Representatives?

A day earlier, the second-ranking Democrat in the House of Representatives, Rep. Steny Hoyer, said lawmakers in his party were considering legislation that would avoid a partial government shutdown and keep the government funded through Thursday.

Will I Have My Social Security Disability Hearing During a Government Shutdown?

Probably. If your hearing is already scheduled, there’s a good chance you’ll still have it. During previous government shutdowns, the Office of Hearings Operations (OHO), previously known as the Office of Disability Adjudication and Review (ODAR), continued to hold hearings.

What Should I Do During a Government Shutdown to Protect My Claim?

The best thing you can do to protect your claim during a government shutdown is to continue as if the government is still open. That means continuing to go to your doctor’s appointments and calling your Social Security disability attorney if there are any changes to your contact information or medical condition. That also means meeting all normal deadlines for applications, requests for reconsideration, and requests for hearings.

Is Social Security affected by the shutdown?

However, it’s worth noting that Social Security’s staff numbers will likely be affected by the shutdown. Social Security’s funding for benefits is mandatory, but funding for paying its employees is not. Social Security may see a decrease in personnel during the shutdown. During the government shutdown in 2013, for example, hearings continued, but diminished staff caused delays in exhibiting files and writing decisions. That could mean that if you have your hearing and you’re approved for benefits, there could still be a delay in starting your payments.

Is Social Security mandatory?

Yes. Social Security in general is a mandatory program. That means that it isn’t affected if Congress doesn’t pass a spending bill; it receives its funding elsewhere. Because your disability benefits are part of Social Security, you will continue to receive your monthly payments.

Will I get my Social Security check if there’s a shutdown?

Yes, Social Security benefits will continue to go out in the event of a government shutdown. That’s because Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid are among the mandatory spending that isn’t subject to annual appropriations from Congress.

What was the longest government shutdown?

The last partial government shutdown, which started in Dec. 2018 and continued into Jan. 2019, was the longest in U.S. history.

Would this be a full or partial shutdown?

This would also be a full shutdown because Congress hasn’t yet passed any of the 12 funding bills. The 2018-2019 shutdown was a partial shutdown because Congress at the time had already approved five of the appropriations bills.

How many shutdowns have there been since 1981?

Since 1981, CRFB notes there has only been four shutdowns where federal government operations were impacted for more than one business day. There have been 10 gaps of three days or fewer, which occurred mostly over a weekend.

How long does the USDA have to send out snap benefits?

However, CRFB notes that though funding for SNAP is mandatory, the government’s ability to distribute the benefits could be impacted because a stopgap funding bill often only authorizes the USDA to send out benefits for 30 days after a shutdown begins.

How much did Biden’s government overhaul cost?

This all comes as Democrats try to make progress on trimming President Joe Biden’s proposed $3.5 trillion government overhaul and passing a companion $1 trillion infrastructure bill.

What to do if playback doesn’t begin?

If playback doesn’t begin shortly, try restarting your device.

How much was sequestration cut in 2013?

In 2013, sequestration cut about $85 billion in equal parts from national security and other spending. Unless Congress acts, similar cuts will hit early in 2014 and for eight subsequent years.

What happened to the credit rating in 2011?

A delay in raising the debt ceiling before near default in 2011 resulted in the first-ever downgrade in the U.S. credit rating and a sharp drop in the stock market.

How long do you have to wait to get Medicare if you are on Social Security?

By law, Social Security disability recipients must wait two years from the date of their receipt of disability benefits to qualify for Medicare.

What does "Oct 1" mean?

Oct. 1: Funding to continue running the country expired, meaning that much of the government is shut down.

How many federal employees were furloughed in 1995?

But many facilities will close and many services will be unavailable. In a five-day shutdown in 1995, 800,000 federal employees were told not to report to work. Several weeks later, 240,000 employees were furloughed in a 21-day shutdown. 4.

What government services are still in service?

This means that the military, air traffic controllers, the Border Patrol, the FBI, prison guards and many other U.S. government employees will remain on duty. But many facilities will close and many services will be unavailable.

When did Obamacare take effect?

The U.S. Supreme Court upheld it, and plans available from its health insurance marketplace, which is now open, take effect on Jan. 1, 2014. Some members of Congress are still determined to withhold funding for the health care law, often called Obamacare.

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