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does second wife get social security from husband

does second wife get social security from husband插图

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If your second spouse dies, youcannot receive benefitsfrom two deceased husbands at the same time. Ask the Social Security Administration to compare the records from your previous husband with those of your second husband so that you can claim the record that provides the greatest benefit.

People also ask

  • Can a husband and wife take their own Social Security benefits?

  • They can both elect to receive their own benefits or one partner can take their own benefits, and the other can choose to receive spousal benefits based on their husband or wife鈥檚 work history. It comes down to which choice results in a higher benefit amount.

  • Can a second wife collect survivor benefits on social security?

  • (What鈥檚 the most commonly asked Social Security question ?) But because of her age, the younger, second wife may have to wait many years before she can collect survivor benefits.

  • What happens to spousal Social Security benefits if you remarry?

  • The worker is eligible for the higher benefit, but he or she can’t choose to take just the spousal benefits and allow his or her own benefits to keep increasing until age 70. If you remarry, you cannot receive benefits on your former spouse’s record unless the new marriage ends (by death, divorce, or annulment).

  • Can I collect my spouse’s Social Security on my work record?

  • You can collect benefits on a spouse鈥檚 work record regardless of whether you also worked. If your own retirement benefit is lower than your spousal benefit, Social Security will pay you the higher amount. The chief criteria to qualify for survivor benefits are:

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