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do i need a unifi security gateway

do i need a unifi security gateway插图

If by security gateway you mean a Ubiquiti USG,then it’s up to your needs and preference.You don’t absolutely need a USG,but it does enable you to use a few extra features of the UniFi Controller,which many people with standard home setups don’t really need.

What is the Ubiquiti unifi Security Gateway (USG)?

The Ubiquiti UniFi Security Gateway (USG) extends the UniFi Enterprise system to networking by combines high performance routing with reliable security features. The unit is packaged up in a slick looking, wall-mountable, cost-effective unit.

How much faster is the unifi security gateway over 95mbps?

About an 18% increase over 95mbps. Before I started adopting the Unifi Security Gateway I set all my network settings in the controller. This is not the way I wanted to adopt it because it caused more downtime but no one was home so I took the opportunity and setup the device.

How do I adopt a UNIFI gateway?

From the UniFi Controller dashboard, click Devices in the left menu bar. Locate the UniFi Gateway in the list of devices under the Model column. Click Adopt. The System LED on the UniFi Gateway will turn blue to conrm that it is successfully adopted.

Is there any support for unifi video?

This application and its related devices will no longer receive any manner of technical support, including functional and security updates. Additionally, there will be no further updates to Help Center content pertaining to UniFi Video. UniFi gateways provide a range of options for improving your network’s security.

What is the throughput of the Ubiquiti USG?

Here are a few estimates of throughput that you can expect from the Ubiquiti USG. Some services such as DPI, IDS and IPS will significantly reduce throughput as they are not hardware accelerated and are therefore bottle-necked by the capacity of the USG’s CPU.

Can I integrate the Ubiquiti USG with Home Assistant?

Yes, if you own a Ubiquiti USG and you are running Home Assistant, then you really need to link the two together. The primary reason for integrating your Unifi Controller with Home Assistant is to get state information of your devices connected to your network. For example, if you want to trigger events when you leave or arrive home, then you can use you connection to your network to control your home state. That way, you could trigger something like your lights to turn on when you arrive home.

Is the Ubiquiti USG for home use?

Yes, the Ubiquiti USG is for home use. The Ubiquiti USG is a highly capable UniFi Enterprise System that provides cost-effective, reliable routing and advanced security for your network. Although it is an enterprise networking product, it is priced at a level that makes with very affordable for home or home/office use.

Does the Ubiquiti USG have a built in DHCP server?

Yes, the Ubiquiti USG does have a built in DHCP server. This can be configured when you first plug in the USG and browse to it’s default ip address

How do you install & setup the Ubiquiti USG?

See the comprehensive video below with all you need to know about setting up the Ubiquiti USG . Thanks to Chris from Crosstalk Solutions

Can you used a Ubiquiti USG without a Unifi Cloud Key?

Yes, the Ubiquiti USG will function without a Unifi Cloud Key but it will need to be setup with a Unifi Controller running on hardware other than a Unifi Cloud Key.

Will the Ubiquiti USG work without a Unifi Controller?

If you first configure a Ubiquiti USG via a Unifi Controller then if yo shut down the controller or if it we to go offline, then the Ubiquiti USG will continue to function. The only problem is that any statistics, logs, notification etc. will be lost while the Unifi Controller is offline.

Why is a firewall important?

For the most part, a firewall for a home or small business network should simply prevent people from the WAN from finding open ports and finding out that a network exists at a certain IP. Most hackers are simply using automated software to find networks with vulnerabilities, so this is the most important job for a firewall. The default firewall rules for the USG ensured that this was mostly the case. One issue I did experience is that Ubiquiti left ICMP (Ping) from WAN enabled by default which had to be disabled via the CLI interface.

How much bandwidth does the Ubiquiti USG have?

Despite being powered with an older Cavium Octeon+ CN50xx series dual-core 500MHz processor paired with 512MB DDR2 RAM, Ubiquiti claims the USG is capable of routing up to 1,000,000 pps (Packets Per Second) for 64 Byte sized packets and 3Gbps for 512 Bytes or larger transfers. Additionally, thanks to the lower power components, power consumption comes in at a mere 7W.

Why are UniFi routers configured by site?

Unlike most consumer or small business routers, the reason why the UniFi routers are configured by site is because the UniFi system is designed to be deployed with multiple routers, switches, and access points so this makes it easy to reconfigure everything all at once by setting up a single site configuration.

What are the main settings for USG?

The main settings for the USG is pretty much the networks, static routes and the firewall configuration . These can all be setup through the GUI.

What is included in the package of the UniFi Security Gateway?

Included in the packaging is a quick start guide, a power adapter, a small bag of mounting screws (two screws, two anchors not shown) and the UniFi Security Gateway.

How to configure USG?

The USG can be configured by clicking on the device under the device screen. This allows monitoring and configuration for the specific device. This includes details on the device, the networks it’s connected to, and configuration of the WAN, port forwarding, DDNS and firmware updates.

What is DPI in USG?

Finally, one of the biggest selling points for the USG is the Deep Packet Inspection (DPI) feature. With DPI enabled, all sorts of traffic statistics can be found such as where the majority of traffic is going, what protocols are used, etc. While not so much a big problem on smaller networks, network administrators on bigger and busier networks can use the data to figure out how to shape traffic in order to ensure a good network experience for everyone.

Step 1 – Swapping routers

I did a 1:1 swap of the existing Linksys router. Wan to Wan and Eth to Eth and rebooted my router and plugged in power to the USG.

Step 2 – SSH login & configure Unifi Security Gateway

Wait until your wired PC gets an IP address. It should be in the subnet. Then SSH with your favorite terminal emulator to The default login is “ubnt” and password is “ubnt”.

Step 4 – Final Step

I already had an existing controller setup on a mini PC with an Atom Z8300 and Windows 10. It would not find the USG so I had to do an extra step. SSH over to the USG with putty and the IP address you gave earlier. In my example, I use with the default login still ubnt:ubnt and run these commands.

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