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do employers have to verify social security number

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How do I verify an employee’s social security number?

Employers, organizations or third-party submitters can verify Social Security numbers for wage reporting purposes only. The Social Security Number Verification Service – This free online service allows registered users to verify that the names and Social Security numbers of hired employees match Social Security’s records.

Do I need a Social Security number to get a job?

This article has been viewed 119,593 times. In order to work in the United States, everyone must have a valid Social Security Number (SSN). Employers are required by federal law to verify the SSNs of their employees and prospective employees.

How do I verify employment eligibility for new employees?

You must verify that each new employee is legally eligible to work in the United States. Have the employees you hire fill out Form I-9, Employment Eligibility Verification PDF. You are required to get each employee’s name and Social Security number (SSN) and to enter them on Form W-2.

Do I need to show my employees their Social Security cards?

The Internal Revenue Service’s Publication 15 (Circular E), Employer’s Tax Guide, states, “You should ask your employee to show you his or her social security card. The employee may show the card if it is available.”

How to log in to Business Services Online?

Go to the Business Services Online Welcome page, select "Log In", input your User ID, password and activation code and you will be able to use the service.

How to register a third party preparer?

Third-party preparers need only register once in their own firm’s name. Select "Register" and complete the registration form and select your own password. Social Security will verify your identity against our records and display a User ID. Make note of your the User ID, password and expiration date.

How many names can you verify on the internet?

You can: Verify up to 10 names and SSNs (per screen) online and receive immediate results. This option is ideal to verify new hires.

Is Social Security verification easier than paper?

It’s faster and easier to use than submitting your requests paper listings or using Social Security’s telephone verification option.

What to do if your employment records match your submission?

If your employment records match your submission, ask your employee to check his/her Social Security card and inform you of any name or SSN difference between your records and his/her card. If your employment records are incorrect, correct your records and resubmit the corrected data.

What to do if your employment record matches your Social Security card?

If your employment record and the employee’s Social Security card match, ask the employee to check with any local Social Security Administration (SSA) Office to resolve the issue. Once the employee has contacted the SSA Office, he/she should inform you of any changes. You should correct your records accordingly and resubmit the corrected data.

What to do if W-2 is incorrect?

If you have already sent a Form W-2 with an incorrect name and/or SSN, then submit a Form W-2c ( Corrected Wage and Tax Statement) to correct the mismatch. W-2c services are available through BSO Wage Reporting . There is no need to re-register for your Business Services Online (BSO) User Identification Number (User ID).

How long should payroll records be retained?

(Documentation should be retained with payroll records for a period of three (3) years.)

Can an employer use SSA records to match a worker’s immigration status?

The information you receive from SSNVS does not make any statement regarding a worker’s immigration status.

Can mismatch be a basis for laying off?

A mismatch is not a basis, in and of itself, for you to take any adverse action against an employee, such as laying off, suspending, firing or discriminating.

How to verify a social security number?

To verify a social security number for a prospective employee, start by accessing the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services website. Next, click “E-Verify” under the “Tools” option at the top of the screen.

What is e-verify for employment?

E-Verify is a system monitored and administered by the Department of Homeland Security to verify Social Security Numbers (SSNs) for employment eligibility. As an individual, if you are over 16 years old, you may wish to check your own SSN to verify that a prospective employer will not have a problem if you apply for a job.

How does e-verify work?

Read the screen about the privacy controls. E-Verify uses an independent system to provide security. You will be asked some questions to help verify your identity before you are able to proceed with the process. When you are ready to proceed to the next screen, click “Continue.”

How to enroll in e-Verify?

Move your cursor to the "Tools" option at the top of the screen. Do not click on Tools but hover over it, and then click on "E-Verify" under the heading of "Other Tools." From there you will find all the materials and information to enroll in the E-Verify system.

What to do if employee’s social security number is invalid?

After you have searched the SSNVS, if the results show that an employee’s social security number is invalid or incorrect, you need to notify the employee . The SSNVS provides a sample letter you can use to provide that notice.

How to check employee SSN?

Log in to E-Verify to check employee SSNs. After you are enrolled in the E-Verify system, you will get a secure login ID and password. Each time you need to check the SSN for an employee or a prospective employee, you will log in with that ID and password. Then E-Verify will prompt you to "open a case" for the employee (s) you want to check. You will enter data from the employee’s I-9 form, and then E-Verify will produce a case result. This will be the report that lets you know if the employee is eligible for employment, is ineligible for employment, or needs to take some further action to become eligible.

How many questions are asked in a random question data bank?

Answer the security questions. You will be asked four questions from a random question data bank. Some sample questions are, “Where was your SSN first issued?” and “What was the sale price of your first home?” Answer the questions honestly in order to continue with the search.

How to know how much tax to withhold?

To know how much income tax to withhold from employees’ wages, you should have a Form W-4, Employee’s Withholding Certificate, on file for each employee. Ask all new employees to give you a signed Form W-4 when they start work. Make the form effective with the first wage payment. If employees claim exemption from income tax withholding, then they must indicate this on their W-4. The amount of income tax withholding must be based on filing status and withholding adjustments as indicated on the form. If a new employee does not give you a completed Form W-4, then withhold tax as if the employee is single. Additional withholding may be required on wages paid to non-resident aliens.

What happens if a new employee doesn’t give you a W-4?

If a new employee does not give you a completed Form W-4, withhold tax as if he or she is single. Additional withholding may be required on wages paid to non-resident aliens. A Form W-4 remains in effect until the employee gives you a new one.

What information do you need to hire employees?

Hiring Employees. If you hire employees there is information that you need to secure for your records and forms that you must complete. Eligibility to Work in the United States. Employee’s Social Security Number (SSN) Employee’s Withholding.

Does the SSA accept ITIN?

The Social Security Administration (SSA) offers Social Security number (SSN) verification and quick access to relevant forms and publications. Do not accept an ITIN in place of an SSN for employee identification or for work.

What is FAR in contracting?

In order to comply with the Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) rule, a federal contractor must verify all new hires and existing employees assigned to the federal contract. Federal contractors may also opt to verify their entire workforce with E-Verify. When the employer chooses this option, the employer must decide how to verify its employees by completing three steps.

Can an employer accept a list B document?

If an employee chooses to present a List B document, the employer may only accept a List B document that contains a photo (if the employee cannot provide such a document because of religious objections, contact the E-Verify Contact Center at 888-464-4218).

Do I need to complete an I-9?

Newly hired employees must complete Form I-9 Employment Eligibility Verification, regardless of whether they are assigned to a federal contract. Employers must comply with Form I-9 procedures found in the M-274 Handbook for Employers, Guidance for Completing Form I-9. E-Verify employers also have additional employment verification requirements for Form I-9 that other employers do not have:

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