can you work and collect social security at age 64

Why do I need a security clearance?

The need for a security clearance is dictated by a necessity to handle sensitive or classified information rather than a specific job description. Regardless of the job description, employment within certain government agencies is more likely to require a security clearance. Employment within a government-secured facility also requires …

What is background investigation?

Everyone employed by the United States federal government undergoes a basic background investigation of their criminal and credit histories. This ensures that all federal employees are “reliable, trustworthy, of good conduct and character, and of complete and unswerving loyalty to the United States.”. Additionally, federal employment positions that …

How often do you need to reinvestigate a secret clearance?

It must be reinvestigated every 10 years. A secret clearance requires a NACLC and a Credit investigation; it must also be re-investigated every 10 years.

When did security clearance start?

The origins of security clearances can be traced back to the Pendleton Act of 1883 which required applicants for federal employment to possess the requisite character, reputation, trustworthiness, and fitness for employment.

Do you need a security clearance for federal employment?

Additionally, federal employment positions that include access to sensitive information require a security clearance. This includes individuals employed by private firms in the capacity of a contractor for the federal government. This clearance must be obtained to determine the applicant’s trustworthiness and reliability before granting them access …

What is a TS clearance?

A TS clearance is often given as the result of a Single Scope Background Investigation, (SSBI). TS clearances, in general, afford one access to data that affects national security, counterterrorism/counterintelligence, or other highly sensitive data.

How often does a top secret clearance get reinvested?

In most instances, an individual with Top Secret clearance undergoes a reinvestigation every five years. Having obtained a certain level of security clearance does not mean that the clearance holder automatically has access to or is given access to information cleared for that clearance level.

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