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can you have 2 social security cards

can you have 2 social security cards插图

It is possibleto have more than one social security card. If you lose your card,you are able to request an additional card. If you wind up finding your original card at a later date,you will have two different cards. With that said,you should only use the newest card that you have.

Can a person have two Social Security numbers?

Re: Can a person have 2 social security numbers? There are only a few occasions where a person has more than one Social Security Number, For instance, a Railroad worker may have had two social security numbers in their names.

How many types of Social Security cards do we issue?

We issue three types of Social Security cards. All cards show your name and Social Security number. If you are not a U.S. Citizen or lawful permanent resident, you may have a work restriction listed on your card.

Why do I have a Social Security number and card?

Social Security Number and Card (Subscribe) Your nine-digit Social Security number is your first and continuous connection with Social Security. It helps us identify and accurately record your covered wages or self-employment earnings. We also use it to monitor your record once you start getting benefits.

Can a person request a new Social Security number?

A person can request a new Social Security number, but only under certain conditions: Where sequential numbers assigned to members of the same family are causing problems. In the event of duplicates having been issued.

Why are railroad numbers 700?

Up until 1963, Series 700 numbers were designated for Railroad workers because they receive their retirement benefits from the Railroad Retirement Board and not the Social Security Administration . But, because railroad workers are often laid off for long periods of time, they would take jobs in other non-railroad industries,

When did the SSA start assigning SSNs?

This did not necessarily have to be in the area where the applicant lived since a person could apply for their card in any Social Security office. Beginning in 1973, the SSA began assigning SSNs, based on the ZIP Code in the mailing address provided on the application for the original Social Security card.

When did the government start requiring social security numbers for children?

Before 1986 people often didn’t obtain a social security number until the age of 14, or before getting their first job, but in 1986, the government started requiring social security numbers for every child claimed as a deduction.

When do you need to change your social security number?

In cases where the person has been a victim of domestic violence or harassment, and there is a clear need to change their number for their personal safety. When a person has been a victim of identity theft, and their Social Security number continues to be problematic.

What is the law for printing characters on SSN cards?

The agency also said the issue is governed by, "Public Law 100-235 when printing characters on SSN cards. This law requires all Federaldatabases to follow standards determined by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST)."

How many characters are in a legal name?

A Social Security representative explained that for the agency’s purposes a legal name consists of a first and last name only. "The first and middle name fields allow 16 characters each and the last name allows 21 characters," the statement added.

Did Heidenreich buy Ellis Island?

Heidenreich doesn’t buy it and compares the situation with officials shortening names at Ellis Island during waves of immigration a century ago.

Does Social Security deny a woman’s full name?

Social Security denies woman’s full name on card. SACRAMENTO — Genevieve Catlyn Williamson Heidenreich, wants her entire married name to go on her Social Security card. But the Social Security Administration is saying no.

Who wants her married name on her social security card?

SACRAMENTO — Genevieve Catlyn Williamson Heidenreich, wants her entire married name to go on her Social Security card.

Who is the graduate student in industrial organizational psychology at California State University?

Heidenreich, a graduate student in industrial organizational psychology at California State University-Sacramento said she sees no reason why she shouldn’t be able to have her entire name on the card she will carry the rest of her life.

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